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  1. I was seeing if anyone from the time remembered him he played a few first team games also a few alliance games before moving on to Sheffield
  2. Due to bounce back… dogs will hopefully have some bite in them and return to winning ways by 18 we haven’t beaten London since July 2016
  3. I wonder if we’ll see former Batley forward Saqib Murtza in action
  4. Too many errors after 20 minutes which meant we defended more and tired out quickly and you can’t get the ball for 10-15 minutes before we drop the ball with a simple error probably our worst performance under Craig hopefully we bounce back Sunday with 3 massive games coming up now for the play offs
  5. That and a decent budget and we didn’t help ourselves after 22 minutes giving away cheap ball and field position
  6. Can’t compete when you drop the ball every other set after defending 6 sets back to back
  7. Our worse performance of the last 18 months - we couldn’t complete many sets… and we didn’t build pressure at all… move on to London Broncos Sunday we go again!
  8. Yeah I’d play him in our team but maybe having more confidence and match fitness will be better for him than rushing him into our side straight away
  9. Really? Why risk him been injured again he’s just been out with a serious knee injury
  10. I’m block 102 which is right in the corner So hopefully it’s a sellout for the afternoon
  11. More chance of Coolie or Graham fisher winning lotto and getting a beer in than Tony smith coaching the rams
  12. Keighley by 88 and not Concede Rochdale by 13 nwc by 8 hunslet by 14 swinton by 76
  13. Really? I bet if we need him he’ll play for us…
  14. Listen to lingard’s radio Leeds comments he explains about the loans etc
  15. Agent greenwood and agent sawyer doing wonderful stuff leave them too it
  16. A wins a win when a sickness bug has been through the camp… we will learn more from that than beating them 40/50 points
  17. Well done to them both been included in the rl world team of the month for April
  18. Decent coach and bloke in my eyes… after his side was ripped apart by fev and fax in 2013… the board got it right in 2016 but remember he still made the play offs in 2014… he’ll go down as of the best coaches we’ve had
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