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  1. I don’t think they are even full time fully yet when we played them I heard they don’t train until Wednesday Thursday with a team run Saturday morning before the game Sunday so it’s better for them to stay in Newcastle for the north/north west players
  2. Really? We’ve had a wonderful season I just wish more folk would turn up & get behind us… if we got to the final I bet they’d all turn out
  3. We shall see heard odsal or a little closer to home
  4. All depends on Oldham doesn’t it… if they get 2 wins who knows
  5. Levi Edwards he’s a heavy woollen product- siddal got him 18 months before he signed
  6. He’s scored 9 this year he needs 7 for 100 for Batley
  7. No offence to us or the championship Levi will probably return to Leeds to either been loaned back out or the reserves/fringe at Leeds remember the lads only 17...
  8. I wonder what lingard would of been like with him
  9. Looking at our remaining fixtures and teams around us... Ours: Sheffield Haven Rams (H) Fax (A) fax: Widnes Fev Haven (A) Swinton Batley (H) bulls: York Widnes (A) Sheffield * TBC Haven Toulouse Swinton (H)
  10. Big result following last weekends loss Is 3rd in our reach now? What a season that would be matching 2011 and 2016
  11. Sheffield next Sunday Whitehaven - 5th September Dewsbury - 12th September let’s get there and support the lads and Craig we need to finish strong before Halifax away & the top 6 play offs
  12. Well done to all concerned lets get behind the Gallant Youths & Lingard for the rest 2021 & 2022 it’s the start of things to come
  13. Look at the games we’ve lost we’ve missed key players ala the spine Hooley/hall Gilmore White Leak/Kaye We shuffle them around we look a different side with a dog fight which 3/4 year ago went missing after KH and JK
  14. We can win them all get behind Craig and the lads... haven’t been embarrassed once this year...
  15. Really? You must be the 00.1% then We’d of still lost 16-13... I think you’d still moan if we were Toulouse
  16. Hall, Buchanan were the players from Widnes in the squad who missed out... do you just moan for the sake of moaning the club did their best to get you out of the house on a wet Sunday afternoon you’d of just moaned on here about it been off
  17. Heard Sene lefao could be joining you lot next year
  18. Correct missed a captain’s run which is the most important session of anyone’s preparation of a game week 3/4 year ago that would of been 50/60 points+ under lingard we won’t see that as he’s coached us better for the best
  19. Yep was supposed to be playing for the new club with Gilmore
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