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  1. Man of the match was Levi you can tell he’s been playing championship same with Field but I felt sorry for young rush injured after his try
  2. Maybe Sheridan and McDermott have improved them but still can’t find the W whitehaven were struggling but signed a half back and prop and could make the 6
  3. Oldham are the worse side I’ve seen at mount pleasant this year... swinton throw the ball about etc good side Oldham have spent more on players than Batley and dewsbury in 2021 and certain players are asking Batley and dewsbury if they can come back
  4. I can’t see you picking form up on the road but your home form has to pick up to stay among the championship all depends if that win picks swinton off the canvas for the battle
  5. Hooley - foot Tonks - back still bowman - arm Lillycrop- illness broughton - fit not selected
  6. Or join the Facebook group been some classic suggestions in the last few weeks i said swinton aren’t a bad team outscored dewsbury and Oldham but just couldn’t buy a win
  7. CRUNCH? its a free hit for us... our run in now counts
  8. I don’t think you’d have anything to moan about unless we were in super league Be happy we are winning it’s boring just moaning all the time
  9. Only hold Morris I was speaking to Chapman smith a few week back (he’s been playing for Oulton) he said he can’t play for another championship club this year but can play championship 1
  10. We kicked one yesterday or were my eyes closed it came in the 1st set up the slope and we scored from it yesterday the kick on the first tackle came from Buchanan who followed it up in the final minute forced a drop out... Gilmore kick for the third try was something different too hopefully we are starting to click just at the right time of the season
  11. We played well 7.5/10 we need to learn to pull the trigger when in attack more but I’m sure CL will be telling them we could of had more points in both halves our defence was good but they scored of 19 tackles in the first & 43 tackles in the second half. Our skill level has improved but we still can’t be making basic errors against the better teams... game was over after 25 minutes Newcastle put everything into that & struggled badly...
  12. Gilmore flynn / Walshaw Blagbrough/ Everett after their 1st half stint both were struggling to come off the field
  13. Start there 2nd part of the NCL summer season against Dewsbury Celtic tomorrow 2:30pm on staincliffe hoping to turn around the 54-16 defeat from may
  14. You’ve not spent more than Fax brough Murphy Lilley are on more than most players at Fax... oldham have spent more than Most clubs this year
  15. Shows how good of a coach mr lingard is...
  16. Because Horn wasn’t good enough for Swinton lions having watched their game when he was selected he was sent back by Stuart littler Sanderson not good enough for north wales suddenly he leaves they pick up a few results against the better teams where are the rumours TG is leaving? I was speaking to his family on Thursday at the rams - happiest he’s been playing rl he’s waiting on the meeting in August to hopefully stay within our club
  17. We fell apart after the semi final And player were signing elsewhere if I remember which included fev, Salford and fax...
  18. Play for it every time we meet at one time if we didn’t beat them about 20 years ago they’d of kept but storey and lingard had other plans that night the monument for the club also changed
  19. Like a few of your lot when Toby came off the ball before the high shot... one dewsbury fan in 2nd half was still crying to the touch judge about it...
  20. But they scored 30 last night we won with a 28 point margin
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