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  1. This weeks quiz questions 1. Who made their debut in the win over Hunslet? 2. Which player scored three tries over Dewsbury rams? 3. Which player left the rams the following week to sign for Batley?
  2. Feb 28th -7th March 1988: Bramley 13-20 L (H) League 1989: Bramley 15-12 W (H) League 1990: Swinton 3-20 L (A) League 1991: Fulham 4-20 L (H) League 1992: Hunslet 20-13 W (H) League 1993: Workington Town 12-20 L (A) League 1994: Huddersfield 29-16 W (H) League Highfield 50-0 W (A) League 1995: Keighley Cougars 8-6 W (H) League 1997: Carlisle 14-22 L (A) League 1999: Hunslet 8-14 L (H) NFP 2000: Hull KR 14-32 L (H) NFP 2002: Featherstone Rovers 12-43 L (A) NFP 2003: St Helens 12-38 L (A) Challenge cup round 5 Sheffield Eagles 8-18 L (A) ATG Dewsbury Rams 18-22 L (A) ATG 2004: Dewsbury 70-12 (H) ATG
  3. Sign up to our league here https://www.rugby-league.com/our_league_free_membership select Batley Bulldogs as your club it's help's the club here are details how to stream to the smart Tv's laptops etc https://secure.rugby-league.com/ign_docs/Casting FAQs.pdf
  4. He's waiting on his full pension... and the flight space to be allowed to be open so he can get it done...
  5. Green wasn't the Aussie... Gary green came a few years later
  6. Why do you miss Batley away? Still have nightmares over that 1st day defeat.. is that you rangi my top 3: Hull Kr - always was a decent day out never had a bad experience there fev fax/York
  7. Hull FC away 96 Found a programme 1. BG 2. MT 3. DM 4. PH 5. PH 6. SW 7. GB 8. AP 9. MC 10. CMW 11. PM 12. DC 13. DH 14. MG 15. TW
  8. 1. Chad Derbyshire 2. Lee bamber 3. Lee Jones 4. Ian Roston 5. Kevin Moran 6. Stuart Cassidy 7. Frank Cassidy 8. Andy Eatock 9. Lee Cassidy 10. David Ashton 11. Lee Jukes 12. Kevin Shepherd 13. Owen Lloyd 14. Wesley else 15. Alan Wood 16. Dean Farrimond 17. Phil Rothwell coach Neil Jukes/ Frank Cassidy
  9. Due to covid testing within the clubs
  10. Phil dog will be a happy man thank you Craig lingard
  11. Should be pretty easy to stream then having watched it before for a challenge cup tie a few seasons back against London
  12. Clubs won't be allowed to use their own tv channels to show games... but will use their own equipment so when fev are at home it will be rovers tv ( but shown on the our league app) be happy we are allowed to watch the games.. I'm surprised sky allowed it
  13. 7.500 at mount pleasant rams Is 5100 so they'd be looking at 2000 for the rams
  14. May 17th - we could have 3500 in the ground First game back Dewsbury away on may 23rd hopefully we have 2000 in the ground
  15. The Nottingham city games took place in February 1993 Friday evening & Sunday afternoon Friday team 1.SW 2.GT 3.SW 4.PM 5. LB 6. MC 7. GT 8. JG 9.MS 10.AP 11.MC 12.WH 13. MB 14.DC 15. TO 1. PH 2.JR 3. SW 4.PM 5. LB 6. MC 7. GT 8.NK 9.TO 10. AP 11. MC 12. DC 13. MB 14. MS 15. TW
  16. This weeks quiz questions 1. which second rower scored 4 tries in the win over Workington? 2. Batley beat Carlisle & Whitehaven in 1991 which two players scored twice in the wins? 3. Batley played Nottingham City twice in two days but which winger on his on appearance scored for Batley? 4. how many different try scores were they for the record score vs London skolars?
  17. February 22nd-28th 1988: Sheffield Eagles 18-12 W (A) League 1989: Mansfield Marksman 30-3 W (H) League 1990: Workington Town 46-6 W (H) League 1991: Carlisle 18-13 W (A) Whitehaven 18-2 W (A) League 1992: Scarborough Pirates 32-14 W (A) League 1993: Whitehaven 16-20 L (H) Notthingham City 60-0 W (A) 46-0 W (H) 1994: No Game 1995: Wigan 4-70 L (H) Challenge cup 5th Round 3,800 Att 1996-2000 No games were played 2001: Keighley Cougars 12-66 L (A) NFP 2002- No Game 2003: London Skolars 82-4 W (H) ATG 2004: Featherstone Rovers 19-20 L (A) ATG Bradford Dudley Hill 78-14 W (A)* Challenge cup played at the mount
  18. Happy with that signing - can play both side of centre and wing with fb rumour has it bulls and Leigh wanted him
  19. Really? I'd like to think if Batley played castleford or hull fc in the cup they'd make some cash from gate receipts... if fans were allowed ( we own our stadium remember so we don't pay rent) I understand we don't make anything from league away games unless we sold tickets from our club which is 25% no club pay for match officials unless it's pre season games which is a set fee...
  20. The clubs wouldn't make anything without bars been open... for stadium's to be open you have everything available...
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