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  1. Really? I bet if we need him he’ll play for us…
  2. Listen to lingard’s radio Leeds comments he explains about the loans etc
  3. Agent greenwood and agent sawyer doing wonderful stuff leave them too it
  4. A wins a win when a sickness bug has been through the camp… we will learn more from that than beating them 40/50 points
  5. Well done to them both been included in the rl world team of the month for April
  6. Decent coach and bloke in my eyes… after his side was ripped apart by fev and fax in 2013… the board got it right in 2016 but remember he still made the play offs in 2014… he’ll go down as of the best coaches we’ve had
  7. Why would Kear ruin his legendary status here…
  8. Why? Would he leave a steady club to a stinking ship who have spent a lot of money to miss out on the 6
  9. One of the best games I’ve watched the club vs Widnes since summer rugby… 99 and 2010 were close but today we did everything right but the last try which was the rub of the green 1-17 were class please try and get there next weekend and the Leigh game at home we deserve a good crowd
  10. I’m not in the loop as much as people think I found out by Hunslets tweet by announcing their new signing
  11. Why would our club announce another players signing very bizarre I’d understand if he was joining us on loan
  12. Who cares… about other clubs all I care about is the business Kevin and Craig do for my club and the results we get… everything else falls into place Nice to see oli burton and Conor carr get game Time which if needed they can be called back
  13. 11 day protocol due to HIA
  14. Really? Maybe Lingard thought regular game time for Connor Carr would be better than for him in education rather than reserves… Dale said to me last week he was hoping to be back playing this weekend vs Widnes as he’d be training and running on his leg
  15. Blagbrough Blake Buchanan Brown Campbell Collinson Gilmore Gledhill Hooley Hodson Johnson Leak Lillycrop Kaye Manning Morton Reilly Walshaw White Ward Whiteley batley’s 21 man squad taken from the rfl site in: Reilly Hodson Morton out: Meadows Everett Senior
  16. Our pack will win this game if we keep Adam Lawton quiet… no Dupree who ran the show in the pre season game they’ve also no craven, Owens Grady and Aaron Brown all missing which are 5 decent players there plus maybe Ryan Ince
  17. Hopefully agent greenwood gets wrong next week and against london keighley May bring more than you lot
  18. Who’s injured? I doubt we’ve got a massive injury list - Senior will miss Widnes (due to HIA) Lillycrop and Hodson shall be back for Widnes They’ve been the one of best championship sides since then…
  19. Why is Micky taking? it’s called ambition let’s face it since October 2008 they’ve been building a successful club and business it’s finally paying off well done to Mark Campbell who’s very approachable and knowledgeable about the game just like Kevin
  20. I’d be on the phone to fev this week I’m sure they’d loan you a half back… they’ve got 15
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