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  1. He also questions the squads quality he’s found a gem in bowman and white yates isn’t good enough the pack get easily over the advantage line he slows the play down Tomlinson was also poor... the pack are doing their jobs with ease... we needed a Barry Eaton or Richard price today we’d of won that easy
  2. ?? If we sign him I’d send him to foxs he’s made of biscuit
  3. With the rules in place it should take place next weekend
  4. Yes scored 2 tries and kicked a goal
  5. Batley Boys Vs shaw cross is off also seen Heworth vs Drig is off too
  6. Tomorrow’s game vs Shaw Cross is off
  7. All home games will be played on the mount as both clubs have come to a agreement this time round
  8. Flynn & Danny Bravo will play tomorrow against Bradford
  9. The season returns next Saturday at the mount against shaw cross 2:30 kick off £3 entry
  10. You mean the one when both touch judges call a passes before the try forward and the referee says No ???
  11. Another poor tie we haven’t had a decent tie since 2015 with Widnes away or even 2014 when cas filled our ground
  12. Crowds of 3000 plus help we have a loyal base of 700 if winning and playing well
  13. That’s so our fringe players can play reserves rugby
  14. I didn’t expect to be the games tbh, but when you are in the game and you throw away the game like we did against fev is annoying same today we were in the game at 16-12 a silly offload and the game changes... I bet lingard is frustrated as he knows he could of had 4 points instead of 0... If we don’t win next week we really are up against it in terms of the season With Oldham playing Whitehaven , dewsbury vs fax it could be a 4 pointer
  15. Why would you go DR with a side with 23 players ???
  16. Sammut was never mentioned in the press that was nosey Parker and if you saw Kevin’s programme notes he says go visit him before reading that article
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