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  1. they’ve got 3-4 players missing that would get into their squad if we are smart enough in attack on the try line we will of done our home work
  2. I thought the fax game we were fitter & stronger than them york could of gone either way Same with Bradford away
  3. But I meant from the game and what if the investigation is false accusations will mr Miloudi face any charges for false accusations?
  4. Heard Turner is having a op on his ankle
  5. No batley player is facing a ban… both of our sin bins were sufficient
  6. One week at time enjoy a weekend off before Good Friday
  7. Let’s hope these allegations are true… because if they ain’t and a top players reputation is ruined by false rumours
  8. Rugby brains behind the scenes helps…
  9. I think a weeks rest will of done us the world of good… I remember the past two times we played the giants in the cup… especially the 2013 game we struggled following that game with knocks and form.. I’m gonna say batley by 8
  10. He came back with his arm in a sling so who knows I’m sure he’ll be back don’t forget we had Walshaw and Buchanan missing Sunday
  11. I think it’s an evening kick off
  12. Better attitude and body language this week helped us get something out of the game after a bad afternoon last week Adam gledhill best prop in the league dane manning tackled everything hooley took every high ball and Gilmore and white organised us very well and kept us ticking over roll on barrow
  13. Haven’t beaten fev in the league since August 2003 at batley mental stat
  14. The staff reporter was made redundant in 2020 which was Andy hunt who covered both batley and dewsbury top guy
  15. Our effort and body language was poor in the 2nd half yes we scored decent tries but we have to be better
  16. Blagbrough Blake Buchanan Burton Carr Collinson Everett Gilmore Gledhill Hooley Hodson Johnson Leak Kaye Manning Meadows Senior Walshaw White Ward Whiteley 21 man squad on the rfl site
  17. It is the difference but we didn’t take a few chances today in the first half I’m sure mr lingard will be putting that across this week to his players
  18. Too many errors and penalties for us… but we didn’t complete sets in the first half 15/20 minutes in we finally did gledhill leak Ward and Collinson were the main go forward before Walshaw Hodson Hooley came off that
  19. I didn’t know until the RFL match Panel put the new list out for last weekends games this Thursday tea time which included the navy player listed… J Brown wasn’t mentioned
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