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  1. It wasn’t James Brown he went as Batley captain due to one of his players was gouged find out the facts until you bag
  2. Adam Gledhill is in the rugby league world team of the month
  3. Rumour has it mr Diskin is after a new coaching role I’m sure he’d put his hand up
  4. The Navy have lost previous encounters to Blackpool and Hunslet in previous years
  5. I bet McDermott will play the strongest 17… one thing about him he doesn’t like losing Fax could be off the pace both times against you lot and grix is under the cosh having spent money on the squad and it’s not performed
  6. He’s on crusty job at Keighley with his media role… I doubt he’d want a first team role… maybe Garry Schofield as he was there tonight Anyway would Lee agree to call it a day? He’d been a due a payment if mark got rid
  7. Easy game vs Batley I’m sure mr lingard will wanna beat the school teacher again
  8. It must be a first at the mount eh… shame really but health and safety must come first especially if an injury occurs especially with the opponents
  9. Are you for real? It’s rugby league not football
  10. Pauli Pauli - Banned for 3 matches seems mr Mikaulaskas didn’t have any bottle to sit him down for either incident maybe he thought he’d a gig refereeing the super league
  11. 11th April 1990 I’m sure you’ll know the scorer for dewsbury
  12. Be banned for the cup game if he’s banned
  13. Maybe they do count folk in & the reporter hasn’t bothered coming to the office to ask…
  14. We know that GF but it’s nice to see them moan and don’t ask the correct questions
  15. They’ll be crying on the telly come Monday 9.15 with signs of greenwood out
  16. But would you of taken 2/3 wins before the start of the season… Sunday wasn’t the best conditions I wonder when we play York again how we will go in the summer
  17. The season then was December to July… 2002 Huddersfield did the same from December to October which was longer but Widnes got time to prepare for SL
  18. We did turn york around but we can’t just them the ball all the time… imagine if we did we’d do more defending than attacking the difference today was not taking 2 chances in the first half we over ran the player
  19. That’s where why I wasn’t happy about Pauli nor Oakes staying on the field after both committed sending offences…. waste of time asking the rfl for clarification and constantly in the decision as Oakes ran 20/25 yards to be involved… anyway we didn’t have the best afternoons but we’ll get back as a team with manning and JC in there I’d say today was our strongest team so far… let’s go again next week
  20. Batley had more fans there I’d say too a lot of batley fans went as we’ve had a decent start again
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