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  1. Batley had more fans there I’d say too a lot of batley fans went as we’ve had a decent start again
  2. He said last week hopefully York at home I thought last weekend Walshaw stood up in the manning role if everyone is fit next week Vs york it’s a tough squad to pick
  3. Batley lost to Halifax last year playing downhill… it’s a odd game rugby league I think York got a draw last time playing downhill second half but lost in the pre season tournament it’s all swings and roundabouts in rugby league
  4. Bradford by 16 batley by 7 fax by 8 york by 10 widnes by 18 barrow by 4
  5. Having seen the squad on the rfl website we have welcomed back Dale & Ben Kaye in positions we will have players missing
  6. https://www.eticketing.co.uk/newcastle-falcons/EDP/Event/Index/1690 tickets for the game on sale £15 adults / £20 on the day
  7. Fax and batley I’d say 55/45 to fax fans which isn’t bad
  8. Batley have a same start Newcastle (a) York and Sheffield (H) if we can somehow find wins there we will be fine like last year we lost one game from 6 games before London turned us over before June/July hit us hard with Bradford Fax Toulouse beat us but lingard didn’t panic he turned it around before we got beat by Whitehaven and dewsbury but turned up against fax and Bradford rugby league is a funny old game… batley have always been a tough hard working team since Harrison but got it wrong under diskin but lingard is turning it around
  9. I think lingard has found a talent in Collinson - he grew into the game more and more 1800 or just about there crowd wise hopefully more people from batley keep coming and coming i’m sure all the fans getting behind the lads helps massively
  10. Wait and see about the woodman rumour is they are trying to get a bigger coach keep an eye out on information
  11. I thought today we were lucky to be less than 10 behind in the first some strange calls went against us but we showed some character on the hooter and the 2nd half we played our game plan to a tee fax struggled when we got a roll on… I thought when brown was sin binned we’d lost it but we dug in and came away with the result in a tough battle lucas Walshaw was brilliant today he stood out with young Collinson and Wardy the halves were decent too meadows will get better
  12. If the rfl was smart here they’d have 3 finals on the same afternoon kids playing before the first two games championship 1: 12:45/1pm woman’s: 3.30 championship: 7pm kick you’d get easily a crowd at headingley
  13. Barrow by 2 batley by 6 bulls by 8 leigh by 20 Widnes by 6 thunder by 8 fev by 10
  14. Just like player & coaches and staff Probably as a referee they’ll be under the spotlight a lot more but Remember players don’t turn up at 3pm and go at 5… I know players who will try and recover from yesterday’s games at 6-7pm tonight until 8-9pm just be sure they are ready for next weekends opening clashes before training Tuesday Thursday Friday or Saturday mornings…
  15. Batley and dewsbury have played once before at headingley…
  16. I thought we looked okay until a 50/50 on Hooley which cost us 18 points before HT… Second half we just defended more than we will all year
  17. I’ll be there for my first time in 2022… I think it will be a test for our squad with numbers down with a few niggles but it’s all about getting the systems and structural issues in place before the big start next Sunday Vs Halifax which could be a cracker
  18. Really? I think they’d learn more part time than Full time etc maybe even train at both clubs
  19. It wasn’t relaid at dewsbury ( if the new ground) it was bad due to been built on the old pit and they relaid it after the first season at new crown flatt
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