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  1. You can see Dally's passion on the park and that's what sometimes boils over but his commitment to the club is 2nd to none
  2. 80+ minutes in the forwards from Forster, Stacky, and Morrow due to the injuries and the other missing forwards. London were terrific in the 2nd half and how they haven't won more games I'm astounded!!
  3. We do suffer a bit of the 'beaten before we get on the bus' syndrome away from Craven Park im afraid.....dont know why ... been like this for the last few years
  4. His agent approached Barrow to say he was interested in playing for his hometown club so why is it a bit low from Barrow?
  5. Mick I think the springboard snapped after the Keighley debacle. We are struggling away from home and there are 2/3 very difficult games away at Donny and Hornets + Worky if it goes ahead.
  6. either Toal or Shaw its very close between those two
  7. so who are the 7 players unavailable due to covid? Oh and lets hope Emmit is fully fit .....................not like the Wheeler fiasco
  8. Nice one mate was looking for you and wondered if you are ok?
  9. no mate dont think so .... i was meaning Barrow had a hooker Harry Swarbrick, playing on the wing today
  10. Rob.... Hooker playing on the wing today its not pretty but he did score .........lol
  11. Ron ....think the situation is as grave as it gets....hookers playing on the wing etc says it all
  12. best chance Worky will have next week...Barrows injury issues have never been worse
  13. we have now signed Sam Dowsett
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