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  1. we have now signed Sam Dowsett
  2. Barrow Ryan Shaw Ben Harrison Adam Walne
  3. morty

    Keith Nutter

    RIP Keith and condolences to all the family
  4. Steve Tickle Chris Camilleri Ron O'Regan Ian Ball Les Quirk Mark Cannon David Cairns Dave Chisnall Eddie Szymala Tony Smith Ned Catic Liam Harrison Derek Hadley John Mantle Kevin Hastings Rod Reddy Michael Knowles
  5. I thought we were awful in the 2nd half
  6. Terrible ..... if its who I think it is im not surprised to be honest ... not a true reflection of the club at all and I think the Chairman will be horrified by this
  7. ahh ok typical Raiders website … about a week behind lol
  8. ahh cheers was meaning the Raiders website not the league 1 hub thingy whatever that is?
  9. nothing on the Raiders site saying its next week mate?
  10. Tomorrows game has been postponed due to train cancellations … the right decision what with the awful weather we are expecting overnight and tomorrow
  11. I think you guys will be really competitive this year just need a bit more size down the middle
  12. when you consider at one stage we had 8 amateurs on the field during a long phase of the 2nd half I think we held our own. As well as the 2 PNG lads we had a few others missing as well due to other commitments. Good blow out against what was almost the Oldham 1st 17
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