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  1. Good player but didn't look a class apart from his peers in the team, which from all the hype when we signed him I thought he would stand out like say Alec Susino always does. Good luck to him tho....one positive is Ryan Duffy is nearing a return so ideal replacement for him
  2. you never know we may win in Toronto
  3. great performance from what Ive heard ...
  4. Cressy is a much better fullback than both Ryan and Tee
  5. morty

    Fev away

    Cresta mentioned that he was having to manage Cressy's gametime due to the knee injury and he didn't want it to go wrong like with Toaly………………….. coming back too soon
  6. morty

    Fev away

    Cressy hat trick
  7. morty

    Fev away

    Amean try 20-16
  8. Wasn't meant to come across as down but just being a realist !! .. We now need to push on but have picked up further injuries and we are losing Jarrad Stack (arguably our best player this season) as he has to back to Aus for a few weeks as a family member is very ill
  9. morty

    v Halifax

    1396 Michael
  10. morty

    v Halifax

    agree with all the comments above...the forwards won the majority of the clashes. great performance
  11. the Swinton result has probably cemented Barrows relegation
  12. morty

    1895 Cup

    Great 2nd half ... I thought Jono was a revelation at acting halfback .............gave us a much quicker go forward during the sets. Thought all the forwards were immense in that 2nd half and Dally had his best game for quite some time. The Bradford Nos 10 and 15 look like 1st team material
  13. well he took us for a ride that's for sure
  14. Tee is a full back 1st and foremost
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