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  1. when you consider at one stage we had 8 amateurs on the field during a long phase of the 2nd half I think we held our own. As well as the 2 PNG lads we had a few others missing as well due to other commitments. Good blow out against what was almost the Oldham 1st 17
  2. I will continue to pay cash at the turnstiles until im forced out
  3. all the best Ron
  4. all the best from the Barrow RLFC fans
  5. RIP Frank Foster 10 years Barrow coach 73-83
  6. too right the hardest of the hard RIP
  7. no need mate I commute to Haven nearly every other weekend as my Mrs still has a house on Red Lonning and she has her grandkids stay over when we are there ..... love zapping over Corney but not the rest of the 595 !!!!
  8. we have Oldham at home as well ... same as last year... I would love an away friendly at Derwent Park (but not the Wreck lol)
  9. more fool Town then... you could always say no and organise another friendly?
  10. Why don't you ask your board why we always seem to be at home instead of having a pop ?
  11. I agree Ron both clubs should be playing in one stadium ... its the way forward
  12. how many games will the season tickets cover ie will it cover any 1895 cup an/or other cup or play off games?
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