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  1. brilliant home kit away is ok buy shouldve had a white Vee as well
  2. Hope we have some of the forwards back for Sunday???
  3. Brilliant season well done to everyone at the club
  4. Wheeler was starting to live up to the hype but he's too injury prone and Hulme was struggling with working hours so should be let go
  5. Ellis Gillam has been epic this season ...a walk in in the team
  6. Would love to see Anton back next year and bring Alec Susino back as well
  7. Fantastic result now bring on Leigh
  8. I'm reading this with a heavy heart as I have a soft spot for Town and really wanted you to stay up this season. Just a thought but I wonder if your BOD have approached the Barrow BOD for advice/help/assistance putting together a plan to turn things around at DP and utilise the facilities all year round? Since Steve Neal took over as Chairman and put together a forward thinking BOD, the off field side of BRLFC has gone from strength to strength which helps generate the finances to put a more competitive squad on the pitch !!
  9. morty


    A post on an unofficial St Helens FB page saying Tee is off to them to replace Grace .... didnt mention when?
  10. Theres a real buzz around the club .... excellent season whatever happens going forward. Highest praise for all involved with the club and teams
  11. 1st half Haven dragged us into an ugly one man rugby show...2nd half we totally blew them away and our forwards easily overan theirs. As for some of their so called "supporters" they were vile and an embarressment to their club
  12. well what a shambles of a display in the 2nd half !! Fax were superb for the full 80 and we played decent stuff for around 10 mins the rest of the time its was silly mistake after silly mistake. Hate to think what our completion rate was in that 2nd half? Never mind dust ourselves off and prepare for York away
  13. We will have to be on top form to win this as Fax are a quality side...if we play for the full 80 mins like we did in the 2nd half against Leigh we can win this
  14. So the ref was instrumental in Town losing 58-0 hmmm
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