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  1. Certainly did,wished he had stayed.
  2. Rochdale Hornets under,worst ever results. Swinton over a superb season for them.
  3. Well played the Field.Thanks for a superb afternoon against the 3rd place team Hunslet Club Parkside.A cracking game.Last min try length of field by Dec brought down the house.
  4. Hope u bring a few to Hornets.Last chance for us to get a decent gate.
  5. Slightly out of our depth.
  6. Next to last game,probably another beating.
  7. Doing a lot of whinging the Aussies nothing new.Blaming the ref.
  8. Football in particular the Premier league is tops.RL a minority game.
  9. I keep getting this ad,think its a scam.
  10. ENABLE the superstar mare takes the Yorkshire Oaks.Ready for the 3 rd ARC.What a horse!!!
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