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  1. JD Sports warehouse at Rochdale ignoring all rules Union playing hell.On BBC.
  2. Nice win for Arsenal 2-0 against MU.Usually cannon fodder.
  3. United found form at last , Fergie with a delighted grin.
  4. SKY seem to swamp their channels with ads,absolutely infuriating.
  5. Good grief!! what a shocking state of affairs.
  6. RIP,John McCrick racing on tv has has been a bore since c4 sacked him.The female lost without him.
  7. Mendez Laing ex Rochdale hero scores twice at Old Trafford , for Cardiff to sink Man U.
  8. Line of duty, what a load of rubbish.Stopped watching it.
  9. The script is superb"there I was having a nice quiet time and you had to spoil it"have to be careful with getting in tears of laughter tho.sometimes your tummy can be very painful.
  10. Classics,very very funny.Hard boiled eggs and nuts!!
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