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  1. I remember the brill solo try he scored at Dews last season.Would be ironic if he got Oldham up.
  2. Unbelievable it means the teams packed up perhaps.
  3. Didn't know refs got punished for having a bad game.
  4. Shuddersfield, received £1million for the merger.still going.
  5. If we are in the bottom 6 of L1 the gates apart from Oldham will go right down.If Oldham go up they will be non-existent.
  6. Swinton are playing out of their skins. beat Toulouse, lost, by a pt to Leigh at the LSV.
  7. If we judge him negatively half way through next season do we get rid of him?. The problem is he had no pre-season so do we give him next year with a pre-season and hope it gose well, knowing he has been worse than forster or do we bring someone else in?. Unless we get a lot of cash we carry on.
  8. Good grief!! what a shocking state of affairs.
  9. I go racing now and again.Haydock and Pontefract.Cheap and take your own butties.Find it an enjoyable day out.The high rollers bet on Betfair .Much better odds.
  10. We have not lost at Edgbaston for 1 1 years.
  11. Probably our last chance of a result.A slim one.
  12. Thought the first ashes mens test started today? Anyone know when it does start.
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