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  1. Why do Leeds not stop it. And the incessant drumming. Do fans nearby not hate it?
  2. It is clear that the better team won. A small group of Thunder supporters made the long journey and were very vocal in support of their team. At the end of the game all of the Thunder team came to the touchline to thank them. It was good to see.
  3. For me it must be West Wales Raiders. After losing 45 games and not throwing the towel in and giving their all every time who could ask for more. Come on Raiders.
  4. It has always been a struggle to grow Rugby League in South Wales. I admire the current Raiders team who have taken a hammering in the past two seasons. BUT have not given up. I have supported Rugby league in South Wales since 2006 in Bridgend and will continue to do so.
  5. It has been a long hard road for the past 2 years. The joy of the players at the end and the way that they mobbed our coach was a joy to behold. There are many obstacles to overcome but there is now hope. Onwards and upwards. Onwards and upwards.
  6. My team West Wales Raiders have not won a game in 18 months, But I admire our players who turn out each game and give of their best. If there was no Championship One I would greatly miss attending a live match in my area. I fully appreciate how difficult it is for northern teams to travel to Llanelli but you will always be welcome. Keep travelling up the hill you Raiders.
  7. Sadly no. But there are teams in the Conference South, Bridgend Torfaen etc. We at West Wales Raiders are still battling up the mountain
  8. We had no problem with transport from the city. On Sunday one hour before the statr there were four buses waiting near Lime Street station and the journey too 20 minutes.
  9. Why were you not at Anfield to help build the atmosphere,
  10. We agree. Me and the missus had a great time. We sat in front of Catalan supporters. We could not speak French. They could not speak English but we got on very well. The stewarding was excellent, No problems with the transport. Some very good close games. We enjoyed every minute. We are real fans not moaners.
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