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  1. After Canberra Raiders, New Zealand Warriors are my second choice. They were good last weekend.
  2. Thank you. I am 78 years of age and my wife suffers from asthma. Our best wishes to you all./
  3. I like Jenna Brooks. I have a hearing problem. Her Diction is very good unlike many Rugby League commentators.
  4. West Wales Raiders. We're still here folks.
  5. A friend of mine went to a NFL game in New York. He said that the ouitside the arena atmosphere was impressive, Tail gate parties, bands and entertainment (and of course beer and food saies).
  6. Rugby League is in the spotlight again. Even in my local pub which is 99% Union.
  7. West Wales Raiders will be looking for their second victory.
  8. Hooray. But I have to wait for the end of February for the Raiders.
  9. Great News of Lizzie Jones. On the few occasions that I have met Mike Nicholas I have found him to be very friendly and welcoming. A true supporter of Rugby League.
  10. We travel about 30 minutes from Swansea to Steboneath..Llanelli to watch West Wales Raiders. We sit in an excellent stand where we have a great view of the play. My great pleasure is to meet up with two long term Rugby League fans Jill and Keith. Their friendship and others is important to me.
  11. Terrible news. My thoughts are with Rob and his fanily.
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