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  1. I am afraid so. But I will applaud the players for giving 100% . it must be hard to receive punishment each week. I do hope that things will improve.
  2. What huge entertainment, Drama and excitement. Yes it is the great game.
  3. From Swansea. My wife and I always attend the Grand Final in Old Trafford. We stay at the Premier Inn in Salford Quays. And enjoy a banter in the Lowry Centre before and after the game.
  4. You may well be right. But this is Championship One not Super League. We have lacked good half backs since our beginning, Now we have Two. His experience will guide the younger players. It will be interesting to see Rangi Chase at this level. Come on Raiders.
  5. After Canberra Raiders, New Zealand Warriors are my second choice. They were good last weekend.
  6. I have watched him since 2006 with Crusaders in Bridgend. A very charismatic player who never takes a back step. I am looking forward to his developing the forwards.
  7. Well done. Team spirit looked good. Would like to see you all do a lap of honour at the World Cup Opening Ceremony in Cardiff.
  8. That would be great news. Lee Briers is a player that I have a great admiration of.
  9. Sadly I was only able to make one visit to Wrexham this year amd was made very welcome. The Crusaders support at Huddersfield was superb and very noisy. I will certainly make more visits to support Crusaders next year. Well done to all.
  10. I have been a seaon ticket holder for Rugby League in South Wales since 2006. Sadly Crusaders in Bridgend was not successful and the town never supported it. I have been to Wrexham once this year and was made very welcome. There was a much better atmosphere in Wrexham and I wish them every success in 2011. Hopefully the crowds will grow.
  11. I know that but part of cup final day used to be loads of build up and pre match entertainment. We'd didn't get that last year. It was on air, straight into anthems and kick off. I fully agree. Part of the occassion is the build up of the atmosphere. Bring back the community singing to be followed by that lovely Welsh lass Katherine Jenkins. I have always enjoyed the enthusiasm of the youngsters playing before the big game. And the people in fancy dress always amuse me. Enjoy it everyone.
  12. Welcome back to WALES. I hope that many of you will attend and enjoy the city of Cardiff and make it a great family festival enjoyed in friendship. Can we have that lovely Katherine to sing. See you all there.
  13. As a neutral may the best team win. have witnessed some superb entertainment in recent weeks this semi-final deserves a sell out. Watching football is like watching paint dry but they fill stadiums. Why the hell can,t we.
  14. I have a sinking feeling about Crusaders mainly based on our past form with expansion as a game and the rumours surrounding Brian Noble, linked to Worcestor if the papers are to be believed, whilst he has his critics I'd have thought they'd have been looking to keep him on as they build for the future if all was well. If Brian Noble does leave I would like to see Iestyn Harris given an opportunity. He is Welsh and has done an excellent job with the Welsh team last year (European Champions) and has done well as assistant coach at Crusaders in an attacking role.
  15. I would like to applaud everyone concerned, players, administrators, Sky TV etc. for a magnificent weekend of Rugby League. Three very exciting games that went down to the wire. Even my wife was jumping up and down on the sofa and shouting, and she normally hates sport. Well done Rugby League. Yes it is the greatest game. Moaners, and there are too many, SHUT UP!
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