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  1. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/no-mid-season-test-for-england-as-full-international-schedule-announced/ No mid season international for England. A good or bad thing for Shaun Wane and his new regime?
  2. Is Joe Philbin now English rather than Irish,thought he'd been picked for the gb squad via the Irish team but now he's in the England squad. Has Morgan Knowles been overlooked, or is he Welsh, having played for Wales?
  3. Was Ratu Naulago worth a shout for the knights squad meet up, or doesn't he qualify. He's had a super start to his hull and rugby league career.
  4. Gonna be interesting where he fits in at Leeds, on an edge or through the middle. Martin looks the goods, and Mellor has started well too, Cameron Smith has also started well, although Stevie ward is injured again, maybe covering his position. Time will tell, but with his early start to his career, there looked plenty of promise, hopefully he kicks on.
  5. A non selection of Joe Greenwood, shows how far backwards he has gone since his edge days at st Helens. What has happened to his career? Jake Connor, still wonder what his best position is, but he went very well in the new Zealand series at home, only 18 months ago, a big robust back with good skills, surely he should be around a 31 man squad?
  6. Surprised Ash Handley not there, started ok for Leeds this season
  7. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56465/shaun-wane-selects-england-squad-candidates?fbclid=IwAR0VSPISyFyZuQ4TTdkFonr9bEpENRagDu23znCthEJWPKdeTtejJo_m6Xc Includes the knights selections too
  8. Maybe Underbank have lost the least players, and maybe gained some, all the others look like they've lost some, some more than others. Underbank defended like Trojans yesterday, and fully deserved the accolades afterwards.
  9. With ncl division 3 kicking off this weekend, are there any fixtures in jeopardy with the amount of rain that's been prevalent these last few days. Post any games that are postponed here, so it's easy to find if wanting to support/ watch any ncl fixtures this weekend, rather than waiting for the BBC to update, that's if they cover the ncl 3 fixtures/results this season!! Good luck to all teams starting out in their respective leagues this season. I'm sure each league will be as competitive as ever.
  10. The draw was always fixed so that the amateur teams drew a semi pro team at round 3 stage, so made it very difficult for the amateurs to progress beyond the 3rd round stage. It is now an open draw, therefore amateur teams can play each other at round 3, therefore being able to progress to round 4 a bit more easily. So it isn't the same stage as before, the amateur teams get to round 4 on merit.
  11. Is it being used for the rochdale players to step up or toronto to step down, the gulf between championship 1 and super league is massive, especially for players that have just come from ncl ranks. If Toronto are relying on this then there'll be a rude awakening for both parties.
  12. Rochdale have a squad of their own, they've heavily recruited from the amateur ranks, now having a squad of 25+ players. They relied on dual registration with st Helens and Warrington in recent years, so probably didn't have as large a squad, and now it's Toronto they're relying on. I do wonder will the fringe players in the rochdale squad be happy not getting regular games, if any at all, now they have a larger squad, plus the addition of Toronto players to swell the numbers by more, and how easy will it be to get released if possible, having signed professional forms. I feel there'll be some players isolated,and kicking their heals weekly in the rochdale squad, but will Toronto, or Rochdale give a hoot about these players.
  13. Gonna be interesting who benefits most, players from Toronto stepping down to play or Rochdale players stepping up to play. When the Toronto players step down, where do the surplus Rochdale players then play?
  14. Any more notable players signed for pro clubs from the community teams?The season is only a few weeks away for ncl and regional leagues, how are teams faring? I've a feeling teams won't be as strong this season, a general decline in the amateur leagues as a host of top end lads have crossed over to the pro teams at championship,championship1 and reserve team level.
  15. So if the best includes heritage players then he'll pick them, a problem some people seem to have with Bennett's selections, ie Hastings and Austin. He hasn't ruled out playing these players, if they're the best option.
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