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  1. Doesn't do lock lane justice calling Oldham very poor, I think lock lane caused Oldham many problems, and made Oldham look poor. Well done lock lane on beating a team a league above and good luck in the next round
  2. Is it any surprise though, very frustrating for those that want to get stuck into it, rather than throw a team together a day or 2 before.
  3. I generally do the nrl one also as I prefer that format over the super league one. I used to enjoy the league express one but that stopped a few years ago, that was a different format again, all good if you enjoy fantasy style games.
  4. Yep agree, different types of fantasy game, different format, different rules. But still an option for those interested. Pity the super league one isn't as big, and probably never will be if not advertised properly
  5. The nrl equivalent was out just before Christmas and their season starts after super league also. This also is a cracking fantasy competition to enter, especially if your into nrl rugby league.
  6. There's been some cracking upsets over the years, and a few amateur teams have done it more than the once
  7. I'll be watching a live game, but being able to watch another or others on tv, probably on catch up is an added bonus.
  8. Details of where the money's going, rather than generalisation would be a start.
  9. On which platform Gav, BBC or our league, or something else. Love watching the early round ties, especially the amateur teams who always seem to put a great performance on for the viewers
  10. Well remembered regarding the west Wales, didn't think that was the first couple of rounds though, the ones I remembered were the Wigan st pats v Leigh miners, and Rochdale Mayfield v North Wales games. Thatto heath v Dewsbury and Siddal v Toronto too.
  11. Have they ever not been local, don't think they've ever ventured too far even before the covid excuse
  12. I still think it's a travesty how the barla comps are treated, the barla national cup at openage level has very few participants again, and the Yorkshire cup, Lancashire cup and Cumbria cup were also prestigious cups to win. Not any more, compared to how they were.
  13. So nothing decided as of yet, wonder if it's anything to do with covid, games being cancelled maybe, so not committing to anything.
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