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  1. You do a fantastic job collating and collecting all this information Celtic rooster, it's obviously a hobby of yours that you enjoy, but also a great task in itself to keep up with all that you do. Keep up the good work pal, plenty here are very appreciative of the work that you do
  2. Fantastic stat Celtic rooster, do you have a running total for all ncl teams?
  3. Two great fixture this weekend now, Wath Brow v West Hull Thatto Heath v Siddal Winner of Wath Brow v West Hull straight through to final, loser plays winner of Thatto Heath v Siddal at home the week after.
  4. So when is it decided who's in and who's not and how many teams are in each league?
  5. End of the day can't remember who else has been on, but Thatto been on once with one more to come. Great to see a thriving community team rewarded with a shot on the tele, a club that produces players for the future of the game, unlike most pro teams lower than super league who produce no players, just pick them up for peanuts.
  6. BBC only shown Thatto once, with one to come, our league app shown them the other time.
  7. The challenge cup 3rd round was programmed in for 9th/10th March and the quarter final barla Cup was programmed for 9th March also at the very start of the season when the scheduling was being done. Blank weekend for ncl fixture to accommodate challenge cup, so if a team progresses in either Cup it was never going to be a blank.
  8. Think Thatto are in the same boat, they're playing North Wales in the challenge cup and walney away in the barla Cup, both the same day. They'll use the nwml team to play in barla Cup like they did in the last round v Hunslet Parkside when their ncl team played Rochdale Mayfield on the same day. Why don't West Hull use their second team rather than players doubling up in both competitions?
  9. Shaun Briscoe, Wigan, hull, hull kr maybe
  10. Walney central v thatto heath Upton v west hull This is the draw for semi finals I think
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/rugby-league/46898121 From 2 to 3 marquee player suggestion
  12. https://www.skysports.com/amp/rugby-league/news/12215/11608747/sean-oloughlin-undecided-over-wigan-future-but-wants-to-tour-with-great-britain Sean oloughlin talks about his future, including the possibility of playing for gb at seasons end
  13. Any scores from today in the Yorkshire cup
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