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  1. Sorry cannot help, infact thats kind of the point............... We will not know the outcome until it is given a chance. Bit like going to the moon really you do not know you can do it until you try. I may add that under licensing FEV were knocking at the door louder than anyone, and under this system I see our progress stalling a little. But its not just about MY team its about the good of the game and my view is we should give it a go.
  2. So the Swedish drew on no experience ? They did not need to, it is a business structure as much as a League structure and what the RFL will have looked at was what type of system would give the overall business the most strength, they probably were not even aware of the Swedish system. They just devised what they thought would be the best business and sporting structure for the game AT THIS TIME. I think you are all looking into it way to deep. The process has been a matter of looking at the problems over the whole and coming up with A (not necessary the best) structure to address some of these. So I think overall it is irrelevant.
  3. We do not need to draw anything................................ it is out of our control !!! and its still irrelevant!
  4. These things are progressive so i dare say at some point it was actually a success. It is still irrelevant to RL in ENGLAND. And if it does not work in RL it would be changed (thats how it goes). The only way we will find out is to try! we will not find out by talking the ###### out of it on here!
  5. Totally irreverent water muddying, It does not take into account: available talent pool, funding, distribution, and so on and so on and so on. It suited them will enough for over a decade, things changes?
  6. Tell you what instead of being a bore about my english skills, why do you not answer some of my points............................... I have stated how fev have spent their cash and everyone has gone quiet.!
  7. Cool. Off to POR to watch us beat fax while we still have a ground to play on ;-)
  8. Agreed. If you see my post on the last page, I state how fev have spent thier money and the revenues it may create in the medium to long term. We have spent on increasing capacity, increasing matchday revenue ( new refreshment kiosks). Non match day revenue ( club house upgrade, business units in new stand) Playing refenue (centre of excellence). So to me our liabilities represent an example of good investment that will see medium and longterm gains in many areas. Where as some liabilities at clubs like Wakefield represent very poor value investment in the medium and long term.
  9. How would your finances look without the GF windfalls? you earned them but they were never guaranteed and I have no idea of the effect, I just wonder if there would have been any?
  10. What is so galling is its perpetuated by our own media.......... we hark on about national media not giving us a fair ride. But our own RL press are continually decisive and undermining. They say they care and its their duty blah blah blah. They could do much more to SELL the sport to different groups! More stuff on players lifestyles, stuff that appeals to the younger fan. I would like our Media to become the next big expansion area and bee more independent. Instead of a couple of blokes in brighouse running lifestyle business off the back of our sport. There are some very good modern RL Jurnos out their, they are been held back bye their dinosaur editors. And that is from the horses mouth so as to speak and why many are turning to creating web based media themselves. We are on the cusp of a media revolution in League and the old guard no it !!!
  11. I agree griff. Just see them as a club that has been progressing nicely over the last couple of years and have again restructured to keep the momentum going.
  12. Just seems the sensible thing for a Journalist to do Robin ;) What amazes me is its clear to see where any investment or directors loans have gone at Fev, Stand, refreshment kiosks, floodlights (hull kr to be installed) centre of excellence, club house refit, all of which are expected to see a return over a period. Gound improvements will increase capacity = more revenue, refreshment kiosks = more revenue, floodlights meet criteria meaning chance of promotion = more central funding, centre of excellence = better players = better results = more transfer income. Stand = business units = more revenue, stand = disabled gym = diversity. Club house refit= more functions (weddings etc) = more revenue. the diversity of our business also = more sponsors= more revenue. Its not like we have just thrown it all at the team. Our liabilities represent great value in the medium to long term, where as the liabilities of say Bradford or Wakefield represent very poor value in the short , medium and long term.
  13. I wonder if Martyn could do an interview with Mark Cambel where could pose all the questions that are troubling him about the rovers finances. Then we can all have the low down, Seems churlish speculating on here when he has better access to the people with the facts than we do. Look forward to seeing interview in print.
  14. Why on earth do you let your head get clogged up with wondering about all that ######. Doncaster will take up your mantel now, great stadium, developing team, good structure and management set up, time to start looking over your shoulder in South yorks
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