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  1. The lowest attendance that I can remember was the game against Bramley or Batley, The only people that were standing on the popular side was ike southward and his old pal Andy key the rest of us were in the enclosure or in the stand. The crowd was given has 256.
  2. Egremont Rangers lose again against Lock Lane, Lock Lane played some very good rugby league to win the game 40points to Egremont rangers 20.In the second half the rangers wakened up and produced some really classy rugby to at least make the score a bit more respectable, I have watched the mont in all the home games, and one man has caught my eye in every game and that is the prop Brad Long, A very skilful player and would be a good asset fot a Cumbrian club. I naturally have supported Workington town for over 56 years and in Chris Thormans mantra to bring young players to the club then Brad Long is definitely one I would pursue. Another player is, Arron Turnbull but Aaron is training with, whitehaven but is another to have a look at. I am led to believe Chris (Thorman) lives around Egremont and my message to Chris is, Get down to the Mont and check these 2 lads out before anyone else drops in. Up the Mont.
  3. Pulled out Wonkey has was going to touchdown.
  4. I agree the bit about his dad and wish we was here now, but having watched the mont in all of there home games he didn't show much of his ability. The lad is has you say, a tough no nonsense head down prop but to early for the lad but if we were to have a reserve team now that would better avenue for him. On to Holgate, He has a good job I think at Sellafield? But a super league club will be in my opinion, snap him up,Mr Rooney of the Brow I would imagine be a bit more constructive about where the young boy would nd up at, Ian has a bit of a special coach at the Brow for a hundreds ofyears or so, so I would listen to him personally, but if Town were to get them both it would a major cull for our club.... UTT
  5. Had a craic with a mate who works at the club and he gave me the full run down about pez but cannot put it on our forum, The 2 players brought in to the club have been training and he was very impressed with the young centre.When asked about the young forward he was happy with the kid who apparently has some get up and go about him, he also said that the one reason we only brought 2 players in was down to super league clubs had a few matches over the Easter period and kept most players back but did emphasise there will be more players coming into the club in coming days? At least it goes someway to our fans but he was not very happy with some of our so called fans who have not been very complimentary let's say, and hopes that we will all be backing the club of which I said 99% of townies are with the club all the way..
  6. Young Walker was with the Seaton lads wishing farewell to one of the players emigrating to Australia, I spoke to the Chairman and asked why in gods name is Walker not playing. I can accept he was out of order by breaking the clubs rules, but he was with other players besides O'Donnell. Anyway, the Chairman said was in the squad but missed out on the team selection(why?) Forber has been a servant to Town but in the last season and this one he has been disappointing especially to myself but others will have a different view on that. We need Walker back in the squ3ad to freshen things up, he is a lively little fella with a bit class about him and he has some exciting qualities to put on show when he plays,But the matter is that we definitely need some big lads upfront and, a centre that knows his job? and the chairman said there was money available.
  7. I was asking the same question yesterday David, but got told they were both on the injury list from the Barrow game.??
  8. I would have Ben thaler every week and control's the game from start to finish.
  9. Just a bit of light humour dkw..
  10. Yes, I agree dkw. But I thought it was a genuine question from him about Walker missing, but i cannot ban him for that
  11. I thought the question by Neutrafan7 was a legitimate one, I asked the same question of which was young Walker injured or dropped for this game, but not through being out late has a disciplinary action if he was?.
  12. I was going to ask the same question? I have been informed that young walker was one of the lads that was out late with mcdonell, would like to think I am wrong
  13. Thanks Marra, There was a big lad playing at 3 but he looked a bit nervous. Clearly he has the pace to compete, but after his first burst he gained about 50 yards before being tackled and then slowly went very quiet.
  14. Hi, Was he a forward or in the backs. To be honest I never seen anyone that would fit in the current team that was playing for the mont, although going by todays performance by Town anyone would be welcome.
  15. Well having watched the mont on saturday there was not anyone that could be called an attacking player, the only player that was called attacking would be the number 12 but was small but had some guts about him.The number 3 was a big lad but deffo not an attacking player,if you want attacking players just look at Hunslet park side,there front row and the big 11 and 12 were really good and they were definitely attacking players and a little cockey 7 made them tick.
  16. I wouldn't fancy Haven at home spike, They are a lot better team now from then when played them learlier. I would like, another Div1 at home to be honest but whoever it is get them at home, but if it turns out to be haven we certainly give a game....
  17. I have just purchased 2 tickets on line so are you saying that I cannot use them?, I have also 2 tickets from the Halifax game and I presume they will be OK to use for the next match at home? Can someone from the club please put an update on here... Thankyou..
  18. There is no shame on whitehaven Donald, If wilksie was taking banned substances to help is performance on the field he knew what the consequences would be for him and his family. I am a Town fan but haven should not shoulder any blame for the player has it is his choice to take them not havens.I love rugby league and in Cumbria and support all 3 clubs to do well to keep Cumbria on the rugby league map,I applauded the players for coming out and trying to empathise to the young players coming through that you do not need to go down that road,I have had the pleasure of seeing both players at Workington and especially Ollie who was on our training side.I hope all the young players see them both interviews and hopefully it will sink in with them not to go down the root they have taken.. UTT
  19. Who ever estimated the crowd can only have looked in the grandstand, There was more than 1007 speckies in the ground and over the popular side it looked packed?, anyway, Great team performance from 1 to 17 and if the lads can maintain that standard of play we will be alright. UTT...
  20. I think it might be Olstrum that is 17 David, But walker&Steele were excellent, Has Steele a brother that plays also??.
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