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  1. Correct but ONLY if the NGB give permission and sign off outgoing and incoming teams from other countries. Its the NGB that that are members of the RLEF and the clubs aligned through their NGB.As I stated but you seem to have misread. Now Buchan is holding back on disclosure with the RLEF has he made official contact with the Swedish,Irish,Welsh,Belgian,Italian,Spanish ..oh he is Spain, Turkish ,RFL,Dutch national bodies to see if they will sign of teams to play. I would call it protocol, courtesy and politness or has he left that to the clubs to put it to their domestic governing bodies on the back of what he has promised so far ?? Just asking for a firend ?
  2. But they both have to disclose their books and finance to the governing body .
  3. Maybe I am reading the press release wrong and the announcements he is making wrong. Sorry pal maybe I have it all wrong. Yep as you say its just an opinion but a similar scinario would you not agree...a little...sort off .?
  4. That also happens to be the governing body of some of the clubs that have aligned with Euro XIII . The governing body who has assisted in finance and kind to get these clubs to where they are today .The governing body who these clubs through their NGB have have agreed to the constitution . It also happens to be the governing body that has secured EU grants to pay for all the devlopment of these clubs yet some guy who has staged one game in Valencia and failed on two previous projects is now dangling a carrot at the same clubs without giving full disclosure to what the new Euro XIII is actually all about to the governing body and these same clubs and you still think everything he is doing is above board and for the benfit of the game ??
  5. Ok an outsider Mr X comes into your office and offer the workers some ouside work . Your boss wants to discuss with Mr X what its all about. Mr X refuses to disclose his intentions but still encourages the guys in the office to take up his offer. Mr X then ask your boss to disclose his intentions towards him then he will tell him his secrets. In the mean time the office staff are signing up for Mr X without a clue what is going on and still want your boss to pay them . How would your company react ??? So the clubs are signing up for Euro XIII without discussing it with the RLEF who have paid for all kinds of their development over the years and will continue to do so (as in pay in the above scinario), and have agreed to the RLEF constitution and expect no comebacks for aligning with a competition that will not disclose its intentions. This is not going to end well .
  6. I guess that is is response to the RLEF statement that TRL did not show in full yesterday .Looks like its gonna be a bun fight ? People still dont believe there is a damaging split in the game heading our way !!!!!! You show me yours first ,no you show me yours ?? He aint even sharing information with clubs that have signed up never mind the RLEF !!!!!!! The RLEF provides the following update to members. Following our initial meeting with the organisers of Euro XIII, the RLEF requested specific detailed information on its proposal of a club competition. This included information on the ownership structure of Euro XIII, financial investment sources to underwrite the tournament and costs to be covered by clubs entering the competition. Unfortunately, the RLEF is yet to receive the specific and confirmed details. Without this information, the Board of RLEF cannot make a proper assessment of the competition or potential relationshipwith Euro XIII. As such, the RLEF can confirm that it has no formal relationship with Euro XIII at this moment in time and is not providing any form of endorsement of the proposed competition. The RLEF will make further efforts for a short period to work with Euro XIII to establish the required information before establishing its final position. The RLEF recognises that under its Articles, they have no powers to stop the Euro X111 from proceeding, if that was a desired option. The RLEF continues with its own plans for a professional club competition in Europe. We are continuing to hold discussions with a variety of potential investors and developing further detailed plans, which we will share with members in the future.
  7. As a genuine applicant I think a few of my points are valid. I am also not sure they are criticism either, just questions fired about on a rugby league forum from interested rugby league people. I have been in contact with Buchan as I have said before ,I had a club very interested in being part of this. My initial contact got no reply .So I sent him more information regarding my groups interest,the background of the club ,playing strength,backroom structure and the financial commitment we were willing to put up.Also the experience within the group both at running a club,organising fixtures,transport,hotels etc etc with incoming and outgoing teams and developing the game . I thought we would be an ideal club he would be looking to attract. I then recieved an email claiming he had not recieved my first contact which I found strange but ok maybe he had'nt. Enclosed was the standard PDF promo and form to be completed to ENTER the competition .YES ENTER not an expression of interest but to acctually commit the club. I was informed the closing date was on the Monday.He then sent me two other emails pushing us to get the application in on time as he had loads of clubs waiting in the wings. No argument with that apart from it seemed a high pressure sales tactic. Before committing we felt we needed more information which he would not or could not give us. After failing to get answers that we thought were important in making the decision whether to move forward with this , we decided as a group, not to proceed.It was all to vauge .I told Buchan we would like to observe how the competition unfolded,wished him success and would look at it again in the furture. His blunt reply "was thank you for you interest and wishes but your to late I told you the closing day for applications was yesterday." BANG end of contact despite replying to him . Dropped like a hot potatoe. The closing date was not actually true as we had still 24 hours to get the application in according to his previous emails. The guy has a very good sales pitch,is very very enthusiastic in what he is doing but I am sure his refusal to provide more details to clubs and NGB's and even the RLEF has maybe stopped some of the better organised teams in ability structure and finance supporting this and giving him what would maybe be a higher level and more stable competition and the support of all the European RL community. Having dicussed this with other teams, that have been announced, honest mate they are still unsure what they have actually signed up to and like us on here are waiting for clearer details of how all this will work. I still can not get my head around why clubs ,some ran by more than capable level headed guys, have signed up for this without knowing what the costs or even the benefits will be . My question is why is he being so secretive about all of this when he seems to be the type of guy ,that has in the past, been willing to announce all his plans to the world ?? Saints v Salford in Valencia,League One application,Featherstone v Valencia Its a strange way to work in my opinion.
  8. Just because Im to polite to tell Scotchy 1 and Eddie to **** *** ???
  9. Im glad I looked at this thread.As I said the medals are laying in the back of the draw..which draw ?? Turning the house upside down to try and find them ? But I did turn up this bit of memorobillia while ratching. Playing for Carlisle in the Keith Tindall benefit game in 81/82 season.
  10. Thing is what I'm reading is the RLEF are willing to discuss this idea but need more information from Euro XIII before they can make an assessment. Now that's reasonable. Following our initial meeting with the organisers of Euro XIII, the RLEF requested specific detailed information on its proposal of a club competition. This included information on the ownership structure of Euro XIII, financial investment sources to underwrite the tournament and costs to be covered by clubs entering the competition Without this information, the Board of RLEF cannot make a proper assessment of the competition or potential relationshipwith Euro XIII.
  11. Hello pal how was your weekend ?
  12. Eddie Why are Euro XIII not willing to disclose their plans, structures and backing to the governing body of the game in Europe. There is more to the email than Total RL has published? If everything is in place why are Euro XIII not willing to work with the RLEF to bring this game changer to fruition for the benefit of the game as a whole. People were looking at it as "wow bring it on" but all the secrecy, all the selling to individual clubs without going through proper channels , makes you wonder what the real motives are and instead of public opinion being supportive you can see Buchan is dividing the game. Its goes deeper than this irrelevant forum as well. Is it an ego trip? To be honest I am surprised at one of his sidekicks going against the RLEF after all the support and backing the governing body gave his organisation a few years ago when another group set up a rival competition. Guess loyalty means nothing anymore.
  13. No not according the Euro XIII. They will pay to transport the draft players to the clubs. Its then up to the clubs to provide board and lodge for the players. If this is until the clubs get knocked out of the cup (1 game if its a straight ko format) or for the duration of the competiton (till after the final) the clubs I have talked to are unsure how it will work. One reponse to the question (and not from the Dutch club by the way) was "when we are out the draft players are out" Maybe Euro XIII will take over the draft players board and lodge once their team is out. Maybe they will have a "losers hotel" in Valencia. Who knows how it will work. I suppose it will be cleared up before the draft players board a plane, boat or automobile.
  14. More confused. Draft City to be used to identify players to be drafted to clubs to improve the teams is in Italy were the game is virtually no existent. But I suppose players can travel from all over Europe to take part. ?
  15. Lancashire Cup runners up medal 1979 v Widnes at The Willows. Lancashire combination winners medal (A team competition) 1978. Just laying in the draw. Oh and bad back and broken nose from 77 to 86 ??
  16. Excuse me did you not post earlier that people without the grasp of the English language may struggle to understand ????
  17. I love the crack to be honest. Forums are there for everyone to throw their opinions over. Agree, disagree,argue, discuss this is what it's all about ? But please no spelling police ??
  18. But his name is Scotchy1.. How can you dismiss 1 Eddie ???
  19. Ha ha Your whole conversation in this thread from the very start is confusing. Check back. All through this I have wished this project well... As have many others... and I even looked to see if it suited my club. Since then I have asked questions regarding the feasbility of the project on a rugby league forum.. Same as many others. Your input has been absolutely zero. Have you seen any official information, like one or two posters on here have. Do you know ANYTHING about Euro XIII, do you know anything about the RLEF, infact do you know anything about the way the game is governed or are you just bullshitting?? In all your posts you have not produced one piece if information of why you think this is a project that will assist in the development of the game in Europe. All you have done is sit back and snipe at people who want this to be a success but have questions to ask and discuss. I am seriously wondering if 1)you are involved in Euro XIII 2) your just an arrogant argumentive guy 3)You can't accept other peoples point of view. 4)You think you know everything though you proberbley have very little knowledge of European RL. I edging on a combination of all four ?
  20. But to the clubs involved and their small domestic competitions spread around the continent. But as I said it's irrelevant to you. No risk. Nothing to lose. Now your getting very repetitive and very boring and it seems despite your cleverness I guess you know absolouty nothing about rugby league in Europe.
  21. No but you are saying time and time again if it fails there is no fallout no damage. Not to the game as a whole but possibly to the game in Europe. But hey ho that's of little irrelevance to you.
  22. I reckon most people, who show any interest in the amateur game on the continent, will have heard of all the teams apart from the newly created ones like the Turkish side. Same as me asking you if you know anything about the clubs in the CRL Group 6 and Group 7 downunder. Unless you have some interest you proberbley can't name one club in these well established country leagues. No Google Eddie play fair ? Mittagong Lions, Kiama Knights, Geeringong, Robertson Spuddies, Moss Vale Dragons, Shell Harbour Sharks... Ring any bells??
  23. If it gets off the ground??? That is not success. That's a one of event. Is that really the long term vision.
  24. Anyway its fathers day.. Time for the family. ???
  25. Think about outside the UK and the clubs and players involved. Not massive to you guys back home, not massive to anyone outside the game but could have massive consequences to the way RL on the continent is finally getting structures, competitions and grants / funding in place after twenty years of building. Pop your head up from your keyboard now and then and you will see a group of people who have worked to build up the RLEF who at this moment apparently are not being given information that will satisfy them to sanction the Euro XIII. But I guess you don't believe in structures, governance, constitutions, rules, regulations. Guess you a rebel ?
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