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  1. What amazes me is Fox have the NRL rights in Aussie and SKY in the UK have SL rights (one and the same company I believe) yet here in Holland they show American sports and of course Dutch and Premiership soccer. Over six channels they show repeat programmes over and over again until a live game comes up. You would think with the licence to show RL world wide and a sport that they spend a lot of money to get the rights to broadcast, they would be pushing on all their platforms world wide. On my way to Aussie last year I sat in Changi Airport Singapore and watched live NRL. Now Europe is a lot more developing the game than Asia yet unless you know about Livestream you can not legally watch any NRL and as for SL its not even on the radar even though it is just over the channel.
  2. NRL provide all games Live and free on line in HD to countries that dont have a licence to show live games on TV.So the online medium is already out their.Not 100% sure but is the NRL and SL not broadcast by the same company ..Fox/SKY so SL games could be / should be available via Livestream.
  3. NRL -NSW Cup a mixture of reserve grade NRL clubs (Bulldogs,SeaEagles,Knights,Warriors,Panthers and Tigers) and affiliated clubs to their parent club (Cutters/Dragons,Mounties/Raiders,Jets/Sharks,Bears/Rabbitohs,Magpies/Eels,Roos/Roosters) Rugby Union Premier - Under 18 Academy Competition. FA Premier - Under 21 Premier League. Bundesliga -Reserve teams in the official competition below 2nd tier (divison 3 and below and are not allowed promotion to division 2)
  4. Well Dave is it working ?? Are we moving on going backwards or treading water ?? Serious we must be one of only a few professional team sports that do not have a reserve league to back up the first teams. Something is wrong with the system and as for the "Blokes from the village" remark where do you think the top clubs get their English players from ?? ... yep the village. You know amatuer clubs ran by volunteers who develop the kids that SL then pick up and as in the current system, spit back out at 19 if they dont make the grade because they have no where to play them. Times have moved on since the 70s / 80s but at least back then we catered for fringe players, late developers,recovering from injury players ,out of form players etc etc by clubs running "A" teams. If you cut of the roots the plant will eventually die. Its a crazy situation were the the game has moved on so much yet is still behind the 70s / 80s in this aspect.
  5. Back in the 70s and 80s,maybe even as late as the 90's there was not as much money in the game as there is now but every club (i think) ran an "A" team in the respective Lancashire or Yorkshire leagues. This was used as a development side or a team to bring players back from injury or to give fringe players game time. It was a tough league with a mix of fresh young kids stepping up from the amatuer game and learning their trade and experienced pro's playing along side them. All contracted ...all paid. The amatuer game was strong as BARLA took control. The future looked good. Now with the game apparently in its best financial health its ever been, why are clubs (especially SL Clubs) struggling to put out reserve/junior grade sides ?? People say dont look back into the dark old days and "SKY have saved the game" but really have they when junior development is spread so thinly on the ground and top clubs cant afford to run reserves ? As I stated in another thread Workington Town reached four Lancashire cup finals in the mid / late 70's competed with the best, ran a succesful "A" team and the club was stocked with 90% locally produced players. This was done without massive TV money and on crowds of the 3-4,000 mark, How come this is not happening today when player participation is / was at an all time high,crowds are at a high and the money coming into the game is the best in the codes history. Why is it not working ?? Has the creation of full time clubs been at the sacrifice of juniors and the "elite" have spend the millions on players contracts instead of the future therefore weakening the game at the lower levels ?
  6. Hmm .....Sam Tompkins would not be employed by SKY if he wasnt a top class League player (irrelevent of which club he plays for). Surley SKY are the biggest backer (commercial partner ??) of the sport as a whole so do we have a situation were as in Rule 5.2.2 (d) Sam's SKY money should be counted in the cap ?? SKY must be classed as commercial partners of every SL club as they pay the most money to the clubs via the RFL or SLE 5.2.2(d) by, or on behalf of, a sponsor or other commercial partner of the Club; and/or Just a thought now you brought it up .
  7. My thoughts BUT its in the operational rules. Any monies gained or earned from anyone or anything to do with the club is counted in the cap, 5.2.2 “by a Club”, such expression shall be deemed to include payments and other benefits that are paid, payable or Accrue: (a) by the Club itself; b.on behalf of the Club; (c. by, or on behalf of, any person, business or entity associated or affiliated with the Club (including, without limitation, other sporting clubs, whether linked by common management, ownership, control, directorships, company officers, shareholding, undertaking or otherwise); http://media.therfl.co.uk/docs/Super%20League%20Salary%20Cap%20Regulations%202016%20_final%20PDF.pdf
  8. Think I am reading this right...Puletua was under a RUGBY contract for 80K from Salford. This was declared agreed and paid. Then his "out of rugby" consulatncy job, through another company that happened to be owned by the Salford moneyman paid him 48k. Is it only SL were you can not have an income away from the game because most of the players under contract in the championship and first division are earning outside the game which has no bearing on their clubs salary cap. In fact some could be doing just what Puletua was doing !!!! For example (mythical companies and names) Joe the brickie at Barrow working for Barrow Building Services owned by a member of the Barrow RL board on a full contract paid weekly. Maybe Puletua was only a "part time " rugby player and full time consultant. I am no lawyer but unless the RFL have stipulated that contracted SL players can not earn money away from the game then I think Salford have not broken any rules. Puletua's contract for the club was declared. So was his consultancy job. If tax was paid on both then despite it not "being in the spirit of the cap" what rules have been broken ?? I am sure the RFL dont know / dont care what Joe at Barrow does away from the game.
  9. Like everyone else on the continent including all your sports bars is Spain etc SKY is NOT available ..they have no broadcasting rights..I have the full system full package etc through a third party who I pay to and they take care of the SKY card etc.On my SKY GO I had to confirm details and SKY gave my email as one bla bla bla .ie ??? On NO occasion have I to contact SKY..but SKY proberbly turn a blind eye to all of this as there must be hundreds of thousands of continentals paying their dues through such third parties. Walk around Lieden or Den Haag and you will see hundreds and hundreds of satalite dishes doing the same for the Turkish systems.
  10. Some did a session in Workington also http://www.newsandstar.co.uk/sport/town/hull-kr-stars-join-workington-town-for-training-session-1.1232584
  11. Lucky for me I have mates an hour south of Sydney in the Southern Highlands for accomodation. 20 minutes up the escarpment from Wollongong so handy if they play a game there again. Thing is he is planning to get married early in 2017 so it could be a double trip downunder for me. Last year I did a month for the NRL play offs and final and hired a car for around 400 euro for the whole period. Brisbane is a nice 12/14 hour and worth splitting the journey with an overnight stop. Also if your budget is tight you can get Bondi Beach twin rooms for under 40 pounds a night..Plenty of backpackers hostels around. Make it an adventure with the WC thrown in and explore the country..its amazing. Internal flights are cheap enough if they go up to Cairns or Townsville and nipping over to Kiwi is reasonable. PNG never looked into that and hoping England dont get sent up there. Depends what you want. Believe it or not it was cheaper for me to book my own flights with a three night stop over in Singapore (direct homeward flight) than it was going straight downunder. Look around,check and compare flights, you can find some good deals and dont believe the airline you fly with. I booked BA from Amsterdam via Heathrow to Singapore then BA from Singapore to Sydney. The second leg was actually on a Quantas flight with passengers also booked through Southern China Airlines which were cheaper than BA yet we were all on the same areoplane. Granted I had free digs but my month cost well under 4000 euro and I had enough left over that I went straight to Lanzerote for 7 days on my "Aussie" budget.So you dont have to break the bank unless you want 4 star treatment. Last but not least...people bang on about the price of a pint but I never paid more than 7 bucks which is around 3.30/3.50 quid....in the village it was 5 bucks which is a lot cheaper than the Netherlands.Now if you smoke then your in trouble
  12. Question ..is the NRL official FREE livestream not available in the UK due to Premier Sports having the tv rights. Here in Holland I have Premier Sports but will be looking to get rid after discovering that I can watch all the games via a high quality live stream provided by the NRL and it also has all of last seasons games still avalable to watch. As its an official NRL stream / channel therefore LEGAL maybe I can post a link for you UK based guys to check. Also any other fans based in Europe / world wide it would be interesting to see which countries this is available in. http://livestream.com/nrl
  13. Be careful about going back to the 70s Parky...thats opening up a new discussion because I can remember 15 of the 17 West Cumbrian born and bred players going to Headingley and puting 30 points on you guys ..as well as competing with all the other top clubs of the day. Team who won that day (from memory)with Ian Wright scoring a hat trick was 1.Paul Charlton (Kells) 2,David Collister (Red Rose) 3,John Risman (Carlisle RU) 4,Ian Wright (Cockrmouth RU) 5 Ian Mcqurcodale (Oldham) 6.Derek McMillan (Kells) 7.Boxer Walker (Kells) 8.Harry Beverly (Dewsbury) 9,Alan Banks (Egremont) 10.Eddie Bowman (Kells)11.Les Gorley (Red Rose) 12.Peter Gorley (Red Rose) 13.Billy Pattinson (Cockermouth) 14,Ian Hartley (Egremont) 15.Ian Thompson (Red Rose) Not just a one off either as four Lancashire Cup finals proved, with the last final in 1979 putting a load of local kids up against a star studded Widnes team who struggled to win 11-0. Town team and amatuer/ex pro club club......1,Charlton (Kells) 2,Mcquorcodale (Oldham) 3.Maughan (Red Rose)4.Thompson (Red Rose) 5.Beck (Clifton) 6.Rudd (Wath Brow) 7 Walker (Kells) 8 Wallbanks(Clifton) 9 Banks (Egremomt) 10.Beverley (Dewsbury) 11.Lewis (Moresby) 12.Pattinson (Cockermouth) 13.Dobie (Red Rose) 14.Roper(Moresby) 15.Varty (Red Rose) Even in the early 80's not many teams with at least 80% local produced players could go to top clubs lke Hull KR and Hull FC and pick up winning pay. Back then Workington must have had the most "locallly developed" players of any club around as well as having a championship winning Lancashire League (A team competition) side. What happened to this conveyor belt of talent ?? The club went down the route of clubs like LEEDS and tried buying success and forgot about developing their own talent which then began to be snapped up by the top clubs in Lancashire. Their one season in SL had very little home grown players.
  14. They learned most of their craft at League and transferred it to union...now both have a great knowledge of both codes ,
  15. Parky laad...Re check your stats because if your 2 from Barrow is wrong maybe just maybe some of the others are also wrong. Off the top of my head and without doing an "in depth" search (which you obviously did) Greg Richards St.Helens, Ben Harrison Warrington and Brad Singleton Leeds are all Barrow lads born and bred and are all part of current SL squads as named on official club websites.Agreed some are maybe not up to date and you may have more information from sources Not nit picking and not a big difference to your stats but how many more "little" mistakes have you made ??
  16. Interesting.........Den Haag Knights and Amsterdam Cobra's photo on the "About us page". It seems the General Manager played in the Netherlands on tour for Durham University in a game which I refereed a few years ago and from what I am led to believe is now studying in Maastricht were he is looking to set up a club. With that info I am suprised he has none of the Rotterdam or Brussels shirts on sale. Den Haag and Amsterdam both used union club shirts last season.
  17. Serbia seem to be going all out in their WC bid and like Italy have done in the past are testing the water for Aussie heritage players.(They have used heritage players before but on a minimal scale) Serbian Australian RL facebook.!!!! Any team that loses to a young experimental France "A" team by 68-8 need all the help they can get to beat either Wales or Italy. Without a doubt a WC finals place would be a massive boost for the game in Serbia but they need to uncover some decent heritage players if they are to achieve it this time around. Maybe 2017 is to early to see the success of their local development.
  18. Posted on BBC Cumbria that they opened a release gate up river to save a Dam being breached. That then sent even more water down the Derwent and Cocker causing the new flood defences to be of little effect.How true it is we will never know as this rumour went around after the 2009 floods and the enviroment agencies denied it. Any how my home town is once again under water despite 4.4 million pound being spend to protect it. Seems Gods country is taking a battering and so sad to see watching the news here in the Netherlands Carlise been warned to expect their flood defence to be severly tested around mid day tomorrow.
  19. A strong amatuer game which is also being neglected.
  20. yanto

    Sol Roper

    Had the privilage to play under Sol as young player at Town and later as a veteran when he took me to Haven. A TRUE gentleman and legend. RIP Sol.
  21. well you all got your wish ...new TV deal just announced today....French games in the European Championships going live via pay as you go streaming (outside France) !!!!!!!!! http://rlif.com/rugby-league-international-news/article/1586/bein-sport-to-broadcast-euro
  22. It's nice to see the club being a bit more pro-active on the social media side of things by announcing signings. Once they are signed and 100% maybe they will. Do you want the club announcing all their targets in the public eye, then if things didnt go right and the signatures are not secured then they would be crucified.(aka Man United and all the high profile players they dont sign after being linked to) As with the Miller situation there is a right time for Twitter announcements and as the deadline had passed Mark thought that time was right. The club did'nt Twitter how negotiations were going with Miller the same as they wont Twitter how negotiations are going with potential signings. Mark left it until it was sorted.(deadline date gone) I guess once a player has signed a contract Twitter will (may) tell you.
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