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  1. No idea but assume the Medical peeps deemed it save or not a concussion.
  2. FT 31-6 Can't see anyone stopping this JUGGERNAUGHT.....Barrow are only going to get stronger as our injured strike players return & add even more quality to this team. Attendance 2005 is another top draw attendance all things considered. As for this ref.........no more comment besides grrrr.
  3. We'd be a stronger squad all round with him in our camp, I just want England to win the thing and mebbies get some good PR from the media world and people ( wake up ) to the sport in general
  4. I agree with your sentiment here Shrek but were trying to promote RL into non traditional area's & these people are not diehard RL supporters, As Wigan fans are already. London have some though small in number, that's why IMO they should be encouraged to attend this game as its a marque fixture, holding it @ LSV is not very encouraging for them or any other curious folk from any of the expansion area's.
  5. Seeing as CCFC very recently announced that they quitting this stadium then id guess everything would be in working order or very little work to get the pitch game ready. Same reason on the cost, As the management have suddenly lost its "only" tenant they would be very open to anyone wanting to host a game, As no one else is offering you'd have the ball in your court when negotiating the cost involved.
  6. It could be easily managed though, why not house both sets of fans on one side of the ground while having the camera operators under strict instructions, (ie) the camera operator facing the crowd does the crowd shots while all operators do the game shots thus giving the impression of a full stadium, after all its about promotion & clever camera work can go along way to achieve that.
  7. I hear you Dave but I also think your doing the Midlanders an injustice here, who is to say that only 300 neutrals would bother ? Why not 3000 or 4000+ With all local free media plugging the game & RFL sending out memo's to every Midland & London area amateur club offering group discounts to a big game on their door step with a KO time meaning they would not be playing themselves, players taking their family & friends, clubs taking 52 seater coaches, general public having a convenient looksee etc. London may take a thousand plus (same reasons as above) Surely Wigan would travel in their 1000's to Cov.
  8. Coventry City have pulled out of the Ricoh Arena (spelling ?) So id imagine the management of the RA would have been very open to the idea of renting it out for any game & a great deal could have been worked out, IMHO. If Wigan would take 5K and the RFL advertised the heck out of it in the Midlands I wonder how many Midlands base people who take an interest in RL would have attended ? It would have given Midland folk a big important game right on their doorstep while promoting RL in one of its fledgling expansion area's, win/win in my book. Also many more London fans would have travelled, wouldn't they ?
  9. I've gambled on coming on here and not seeing the score , so pleassseeee dont tell me. Linky pleaseeeeeee They may be 1 further down the page but i dont want to risk looking etc
  10. To be fair the RC Commenters (Joss Kenley & Co )on the Barrow games are usually very good, knowledgeable and not very biased,but tonight they did not seem to recognise the sheff players, its was sheff this & sheff player that, its the Haven commentor a certain Mr Cox who is cringeworthy 1000% biased on their games, he is a joke, Cox by name etc.
  11. Well considering we took approx 1800 to Cas & 2000 ish to Saints in this seasons CC then id guesstimate a fair few more than 150. You lot taking a 1000 is very good for your club and for the game in general, good effort.
  12. Agreed & to be fair Fev,Fax,Leigh & Barrow would take big numbers away with them also, compared to French or London teams. Out of curiosity ( not a dig at ) how many do Saders take on average ?
  13. Sadly have to agree, it made difficult listening, well done Sheff.
  14. Fair play Sheff, Grinded out the result in the end, we fluffed several chances you took yours, Hope you get to the Final now after winning away to Leigh & Barrow, Fax away will be tough but you can do it.
  15. We usually for some reason seem to play top sides in the league or games like ( this 1 can not be helped as its been planned for a while, but the league games could be arranged differently) this with a shortest turn around, just hope momentum takes us through Tough game tonight.
  16. Eagles wings to be clipped tonight (hopefully) RC should have the game on, check the Barra forum to see if its listed as im about to now mesel like
  17. I really hope Barrow work in this area, At a reasonable guess we have a population of approx 200'000 living within a 45 min drive with no real compo close enough to challenge, but isnt really be worked on as far as i can tell as we have been in the RL wilderness for too long , so we have gone down the strong 1st team route . Please work on this area BRLFC.
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