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  1. Nice write up and picture in pont n cas today about it
  2. Cheers for this year but best team won today roll on next year
  3. Got it bad today! Just one a break out into a chorus allready O ROVERS WEEE LOVE YOUUUU.....!!!
  4. That's why I said ' IF' we are all owa. If the majority are with us in the south then great but IF the majority isn't then, it will have been a cock up, not by fev a may add btw!
  5. If we are all owa then what an absolute cock up
  6. I no 4000+ fev fans singing at the top of our voices " when I was just a little boy" waint half get hairs on mi neck stood up! Anti cas songs my a**e!! It takes 1 minute then it's back to some good old rovers songs! Can't see the problem, can't see the problem tbh!
  7. 3000+ tickets 30+ coaches ( official + un' official ) Let's the games begin!
  8. Really well done, what a guy to have at fev
  9. Hel have refed fax 3 times in 3 week then! hope he isn't getting a soft spot for em'!
  10. Feeeeeatheeeeeeeerstoneeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  11. Yep! Everyone is so proud, and can gaureente we will all be behind you Sunday shouting you on all way to the end GOOD LUCK LADS, 4000 + fev fans will be loud and proud
  12. I eared we'd signed Keith senior
  13. My mates just been giving the 13th coach and he says there was loads still waiting for tickets!
  14. Whoevers on coach 3 we hope your ready for a sing song! The drum will be amongst us
  15. 12 official coaches and at least 12 un' official so by reckoning that's 24 and counting + peoples in cars! Hope there ready for us......... Feeeeeeeeeatheeeeeeeeerstoneeeeeee!!!
  16. I bet we are the loudest! Can't wait for the players to run out to the noise were guna make!
  17. Definatley the noise will be from the south
  18. Sounds like that's where every1s pilling into! Same as where we was for cup game! Let's av it
  19. Mackron, who do a lot of football shirts , sheff utd to name one.
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