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  1. Av we got a bit of a game on 26th sept or somet???
  2. Personally I'd want fax, think eagles cound be our bogey side, plus fax would fetch more fans on the day making it alot better atmosphere!
  3. Work is dragging roll on 3! Last orders at 4 for a good drink and a sing song! Get into The ground, and properly get the atmosphere going!!! O when the fev go marching in...... Cmon now let's have it!!!!
  4. Lost mine at haven when that dodgy bacon sarni made me go all funny!
  5. On their forum they're sayin there fetching a 1,000 + so should be bouncing :-)
  6. Had a beauty of a game when he refd Leigh and Sheffield
  7. I predict nipped ***** and a good croud Fev by 14 Att 3200 1st welham (video ref) MOM Briggs Sell 6 thousand tickets for wire !!! 3 more sleeps !!!
  8. On their forum they're saying our flood lights are not up to standard, there's another excuse lined up! Let's hope they have to use them all eh
  9. They said on comantry an expected broken tibia but needed confirmation via x-ray, looked nasty in replays, didn't seem to miss him though!
  10. That's Gota be one of the most entertaining games all year, glad you lot did it, hope we can do fax next week now!
  11. Haha, urmmmmm yea there quite possibly be that many!!
  12. How many we reckon? I'm thinking maybe 4k + big game this one and I've managed to persuade a couple of lapsed fans to return, roll on! should be bouncing come kick off time!
  13. Tbh honest I don't really care!
  14. I think most of the people who would have Listened ie rhinos fans, were actually there! So listening figures would have been higher for the football
  15. I've got an idea..... Let's go and nail this final and have a partaaaaay!!!!
  16. Everytime I've seen bostock play against us, he's looked near unstoppable!
  17. Cheek and Tongue come to mind lol
  18. I've eared Gateshead are after him
  19. Good idea and I'd gladly give a fiver! He'd only go and buy a better lawn mower or something though
  20. Don't no how he gets a game anyway, he's sh**e anyway
  21. Rob Hemmi


    Tonker- you gota love the passion and effort and consistency Dale- this boy could do super league ( but don't tell no1 ) Spearsy- 100% week in week out, can't ask for nothing else, quality game yesterday Anyone could have been in there, let's hope for the same two more times!
  22. Never has it been this lush! Second to none! Well done rob!
  23. It's not nice having a massive part of your life taken away a tell thi!
  24. Big thankyou to the bod for giving me the chance to attend the best club in rugby league in particular andy MacNeil! Much apprieated up the rovers!
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