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  1. Quality signing for next year, really thought he'd go to super league! Signed a one year deal.
  2. Personally I think the team started to pick up when the fans go into fine voice! Seemed to give them a big lift
  3. It did feel really nice and I felt loved just like a family arnt we!
  4. We get more of a mention in the sun!
  5. Very poor effort IMO, expected alot more than what's in them! Only place it gets mentioned is in the match reports! No pictures of us celebrating or owt like that, or we did get team of the week though. Up the rovers!
  6. The atmosphere in the second half was unreal! Ears still buzzing! Up the rovers
  7. Cmonnnnn up the rovers! Let's show the boys how we feel today!!
  8. Loads to choose from and hopefully still to come but, upto now mine is arriving in Warrington with loads of butterflies in mi belly! Hope I get that same feeling in September!
  9. Did they get 3 points for a win then or was it still 2?
  10. Is the trophy going to be presented Sunday? ( if we win) Or are we going to wait till the barrow match? Personally I'd wait till barrow like.
  11. What an absolute disgrace! One lad who's never done a wrong thing in his life gets beat up in the club house and gets assaulted and abused by two meat heads who should be locked up! Took the shine off a great day By the stewards Up the rovers!!!!
  12. Used to play for widnes n donny, allways played well againt us!
  13. Il get lines if I put it on here!
  14. I would say he's as good as.... Btw it's a long time since we had a photo in the national paper!
  15. Yep, they'd have to get their wallets out, I like the sound of his replacement though!
  16. Never easy up there, the best team should come through, the lads and the fans should be pumped up wanting to set it up for Sheffield Haven 10-32 fev mom briggsy 1st smeaton att dunno but 400+ from fev oh and a rough head Monday morning
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