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  1. Yes, I know, I'm one to talk lol.... still think though its too early to be judging. We're only two points off third place after all ;-)
  2. My God, what's wrong with you all? We were agreed that it was going to take some time to get things to the standard we want them to be. I know I'm not there to see the matches, but by all accounts it seems that we are more erratic in our performances than rotten to the bone. Its still a learning process both for coach and players, and when it all clicks into place, as I am sure it will, there are some people that will be eating Humble Pie. And not for the first time, may I add... So less of the negativity please. We are working to an end. "The way is the goal" as Confucius said
  3. Now, you may say that I am spreading conspirancy theories, but I think you'll find that the Italian guy wasn't really Italian at all...
  4. And things will change again ;-)
  5. http://www.bulldogstalk.net/campbell-comes-back-to-haunt-bulldogs/
  6. Don't you know what an atronomer is Bromley??
  7. http://www.bulldogstalk.net/bulldogs-grind-out-hard-victory-against-lions/ Keeping going for the moment. After the new website has been released time will tell whether there is still need for the Bulldogstalk website. I will keep my eye on the situation ;-)
  8. I don't see anyone putting it down billy, just constructive criticism, which is legitimate in my eyes... The club needs this feedback after a launch to get things sorted out. They can't see everything after all.
  9. You have to scroll to the foot of the page phil. Can't tell you whether its up to date though.... I haven't had access to it for along time, the webmaster obviously didn't like me. Can't imagine why....
  10. no problems here, I'm on Firefox. There is no SSL certificate though as far as I can see... so don't enter https://www.batleybulldogs.co.uk otherwise you might get this problem but http://www.batleybulldogs.co.uk (leaving out the "s" in https)
  11. Looking good Kevin! Needs a good testing out, but promising.... Only downside is Bulldogs TV still links to an external site (yes, the same one) Now... what to do with my spare time .....
  12. Mobile phone? Some of us still use computers ;-)
  13. same flights and hotel now about 80 Euros dearer...
  14. Video highlights on the Bulldogstalk website http://www.bulldogstalk.net/sheffield-10-batley-54/
  15. http://www.bulldogstalk.net/rampant-bulldogs-destroy-hapless-eagles/
  16. Its a walkable distance from the airport, downhill towards the river, about 25 minutes. As far as accommodation is concerned, I would look for something in Toulouse City, as Blagnac is absolutely boring. Nothing to do there. Public transport is good, and its about 40 minutes ride from the city centre via Underground and tram to Blagnac.
  17. Weren't we going to get a new Website last year as well? Some things never change, it seems...
  18. suspense is killing me ... ;-)
  19. He'll be right.... leave him alone
  20. http://www.bulldogstalk.net/disappointing-bulldogs-second-best-against-rovers/
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