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  1. 7 feek in hospital and counting.
  2. But gill be back
  3. After seeing Ward walking across the field after the match last week with a ice pack on his leg, I could not imagine he would be in the squad this week.
  4. Well GMan that is obviously your opinion which you are entitled to. I have watched every Batley match this season and I assure you that Luke does not hide from the action, His performances this season have been second to none a regular in the top three of the ratings voted by Batley supporters in each match. He is twice the player we signed from Dewsbury. I prefer Luke to be in the second row but needs must and credit to him for his efforts regardless of which position he plays each week. Its difficult playing in a squad when you have to play even if you are only 60% fit. Until we get 17 fully fit players on the pitch we will not be at our best, Unlike Fev who probably have 2 squads of players that could hold there own in the Championship, I think after Sundays encounter Batley will be struggling even more to get 17 players.
  5. After the match tonight on Premier Sports.
  6. Am I right in thinking Batley played away at the start of the season by request a few seasons ago.
  7. Yes conditions have been far worse but with summer rugby (ha ha) it is expected that the pitches would be better. Who looks after the pitch since Jim retired? We have a exciting squad of players it is a shame seeing them hardly being able to stand up never mind run in the conditions. It also seemed to affect the refs vision around the try line
  8. 100% winning record at Yorks new ground
  9. Anyone know the half time draw winning ticket number? It was announced but by the time I found my ticket I could not remember what was announced. Perhaps the number could be put on the boards specifically for this purpose near the players tunnel or near the BISSA stall.
  10. Royal Navy beat York Acorn to earn a place at the mount, in two weeks time
  11. J C Brown Ward (hope his injury is not as bad as it looked)
  12. Let's hope you draw, then we will be still above the both of you . Batley v Widnes would be a good million £ game
  13. Think most matches will be a real test (maybe apart from Dewsbury )
  14. York v Newcastle Halifax v Featherstone Leigh v Widnes Lock Lane or Rochdale v Barrow Batley v Royal Navy or York Acorn London Broncos v Bradford London Skolars or Hunslet Club Parkside v Sheffield Swinton or North Wales v Hunslet or Siddal Workington v Dewsbury Rochdale Mayfield or Doncaster v Whitehaven It is a good draw which gives us a chance to progress in the 1895 cup with at least 5 championship clubs to be knocked out. I know most pundits are expecting Leigh and Fev winning everything but who knows.
  15. There is the full match on youtube, put on by Halifax Panthers tv, watched it last night.
  16. A 50 points to 6 defeat, did not go so cannot comment on the performance.
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