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  1. Found this on youtube Mike and Emon.
  2. Oppppppp nearly forgot RIP Mike
  3. Forum | NFR: Mike Ratu - RIP by RAFCBLUE | RochdaleAFC.com (fansnetwork.co.uk)
  4. (1) Rochdale Hornets – Posts | Facebook
  5. Rochdale News | News Headlines | 6-year-old girl supporting her ‘favourite team’ Rochdale Hornets with 10-mile walk to club’s ground - Rochdale Online
  6. OOOOPPS something going wrong, the report comes on eventually.
  7. England to play Fiji in Rugby League World Cup warm up | This Is Lancashire
  8. Still stuck in the 60s/70s. The long hot summer of 76. Along came Pussycat, with Mississippi. A Dutch C&W group fronted by Toni Wille. My favourite song ever. I'm going to have it played at my funeral. Playing the best of Pussycat (again). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfY0yJyTjjE
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