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  1. OOOOPPS something going wrong, the report comes on eventually.
  2. England to play Fiji in Rugby League World Cup warm up | This Is Lancashire
  3. If only Anita, if only. Being a poor OAP who can just about afford the basic Sky channels, it was great to see Australian RL on Sky sports Mix channel. ( A free Channel ) I wondered how long it would last. Sadly not long. They have took it of this week, so there goes my weekly fix of RL.
  4. Touch judges Joe Heap and Arnold Bagnall. Joe had a long career in RL Even got to be a touch judge at a Wembley final. Cant remember which one, ( someone will come along with the answer I'm sure ) Arnold was on Rochdale council for years.
  5. Sad to say Voate has passed away. He was the last surviving member of the original four Fijian player who played for Hornets in the 60s. RIP
  6. Happy days supporting Hornets when Frank played for us. RIP. Frank scoring for Widness in the 1964 cup final .
  7. Dale are the football team, HORNETS are the rugby team.
  8. https://www.rochdaleonline.co.uk/news-features/4/sport-news/133005/28th-annual-rochdale-hornets-explayers-association-dinner?fbclid=IwAR1ZBtaLFXWHk9E-X38g0sZQbxAIitKfvNE7Q_GkghJdY7NMGoX14p3DjK8
  9. Red Star Belgrade , from 2021 Red Star could be gracing Spotland. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/51067524
  10. A brief history, https://roughyeds.co.uk/law-cup/
  11. Really don't know how much truth there is in this post on the Dale MB. But the Dale have had problems with the pitch. Spoke to a hornets fan today, they said that if the club doesn’t fold, they will be playing next season at Mayfield. Apparently our pitch is to be completely renovated and will be out of action for 3 months.
  12. Just a short statement from the club up to now. https://www.hornetsrugbyleague.co.uk/article/53397/board-statement
  13. Don't expect you to read it all, but this was posted on the Dale MB on Oct 16th and its still going now nearly 250 pages. https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/members/rochdale/forum/156010/tomorrow-cant-come-quick-enough/#6199 Basically a bloke called Stewart Day moved into bURY and told them a load of ######, which I would say 99% of them believed . He was taking out loans to prop up his own business . Took out one loan for hundreds of thousands of £s at an interest rate of around 125%. Mortgaged Gigg Lane and every thing else he could get his hands on. They were paying some of their
  14. AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to More 848 views Following the decision by both clubs – Rochdale Football Club and Bradford City AFC – to abandon Saturday’s pre-season friendly at the Crown Oil Arena due to adverse weather conditions, we can now announce the match abandonment arrangements. Standing water on the pitch apparently .
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