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  1. Very true. In Rochdale, Hornets own Graham Starkey, himself a RU convert, did much to promote League in his position as PE teacher at junior high/middle school level.  But kids then went on the high school and came up against ex grammer school teachers who refused to recognise League.

    I loved playing league but as soon as I reached high school I was shunted to the wing because of my small size and never saw the ball in three years.

    Starkey was a wonderful teacher and a great bloke.

  2. Apologies to anyone if my attempt at a humurous response using words meant to reflect a rochdale accent caused offence. They certainly didnt pass the censor. The blocked out words were accented derivations on the word ‘come’. As anyone who has ever visited the grand old town knows…people in Rochdale dont say ‘come’.


    Come on Hornets old chaps!

  3. 2 hours ago, Mark Wynn said:

    Like most people I have always said I would love to write a book, especially about my chosen team. Thankfully I was able to make that happen.

    Planned 5 years ago and eventually started and finished during lockdown, fellow Hornets fan Jim Stringer and myself with notable contributions from several people along the way have finally completed Triumph and Disaster 150 Years of Rochdale Hornets.

    It charts the ebb and flow of Rochdale Hornets over its entire 150 years of existence!

    If you are in Rochdale for the next couple of Saturdays it is on sale in the club shop. It is also available online via the club website or London League Publications and from Monday via Amazon, Ebay Books and Kindle.

    A true labour of love!

    Book Launch.jpeg


  4. 5 hours ago, glemiln said:

    Great idea AB.   Not 6 May……..but 7 May we are due to play Midlands at home (old v new!).  
    Both Hull teams and Super League have no fixtures that weekend.   Also, nor has Oldham, so we could relax visas!  The Infirmaries (Law) Cup was first contested 7 May 1921 and in 1922, I believe in 3rd round on our way to the Challenge Cup final victory, we had our record attendance (26664) against Oldham.  Food for thought….? 

    First game of the season is the Centenary of beating Oldham in the QF. Lets party! Doubt we could manage 26664 again but it would be nice to get 2666. Unfortunately biffos and swinton both at home that day so we cant expect them to help us celebrate.

  5. A bit unfortunate that this game will mark 100 years since our challenge cup win.  Would have been nice to have a home game against a local rival which could have been built up into a festival similar to Dales celebration of 100 years of league football backin August.



  6. Yes I was, well and truly humbled by a better team, Oldham were not always offside, and their passes were not forward….just the better team on the day.

    Its great our rivalry returns this year. 

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  7. Not quite, you must have forgotten how we beat toulouse at their place in the play off final in 2016, the only game they were ‘To-lose’ all season. Yes we have things to celebrate in the current century.

    You also must have forgotten the Lancs Cup finals in 1911 (beat roughyheads 12-5) and 1919 ( 22-0 v roughyheads).

    To be fair in the next season the result was reversed, Oldham winning 7-0.

    But the centenary of our SECOND greatest day in our history will be celebrated next april when we beat a yorkshire team (Hull) in yorkshire (headingly) 10-9 in the challenge cup final. 

    What could possibly beat that you ask…….we beat Owdum 5-2 in the QF. I expect we were offside at every play and all our passes were forward that day too. What a referee!

    Come on Arthur…we all know we are your second favourite team😊

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  8. I don’t think the Kirklees taxpayers need to be RL fans, they just need reassuring that any investment will generate sufficient business in Kirklees to make a return on the investment.


    The national football museum moved from its spiritual home in Preston to Manchester because it didn’t pay its way. In Manchester charges were introduced presumably for the same reason.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Scubby said:

    I've often wondered how the 1985 Cup Final looked to people in the sat in the stands that day. Basically identical kit design but for the black and red hoops.

    It looked brilliant…I was there and probably the most enjoyable game of rugby I have ever attended as a neutral.

    Absolutely no problem identifying the teams though those two teams could have played naked and it would still have been a fantastic game.

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  10. Now hang on a minute you biffos!


    Thats OK, we dont mind the occasional swipe (in good taste). Glad we are back playing each other, just wish it could have been in the championship.


    Roll on Easter. 


    Cummon Ornits

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  11. i think it was the champions of the lancashire cup and the yorkshire cup , not the ones the semi pros played for but the amateur versions. Cumbrian team,s played in the lancs competition i think.


    i recall mayfield getting so close several times and then finally made it (1975 maybe) where they ran the then New Hunslet very close.

  12. 4 hours ago, JohnM said:

    a good and entertaining read.  Triggered one or two memories,  too, particularly about Keith Jarrett, though no mention of him being inducted into the Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame in the magazine's 73rd Annual Readers' Poll in 2008.


    And who on earth was Spanky McFarlane?  🤔

    Spanky was a great cumbrian in the strong Workington team of 60s. Also played for Whitehaven and Barrow  (and I expect Cumberland).


    No idea how he got the nickname, but could be an interesting story in there!

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