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  1. We haven't, and played a good SL side - who will be in the mix for the play offs. Good luck to James Webster, he has one hell of a job on his hands, lots of players will be chomping at the bit next week. We needed a consistent half and got one, hopefully that's how we'll progress now. Really looking forward to seeing Nu Brown and Paratta play when it dries up. Class players.
  2. Game was sewn up after 20-25 minutes, you did a professional job and got the win. First half, really steam rolled Fev in the forwards and looked a very good outfit, whislt making Fev a very poor outfit. Second half conditions weren't the greatest. Job done, next round of the cup - probably no injuries? As for Fev my thoughts are still the same. It was nice to see a level of consistency in the second half, but the damage was well and truely done. If I was Webster, I'd be looking at how the heck I'm going to pick my halves & hookers and getting Ferguson & Davies in.
  3. Disappointing, another patchy performance from Fev. Hull taking the biscuit at times too. Lots of individuals in this Fev squad - but not playing as a team, something that they most certainly were in 2019.
  4. @jamescolinread this FAQ page on your issue https://www.rugby-league.com/streaming_faqs#STH If the club haven't replied as you say, then get in touch to the following email ourleague@streamamg.com or perhaps ourleaguefeedback@rfl.uk.com
  5. When Daryl and Ryan came to Castleford, Danny Orr stayed until last year. Lee Briers will stay.
  6. I'd also point out, it's not just Powell - Sheridan has a huge say in how they play too, especially in the defence. I don't think Radford is the man for Cas.
  7. John Kear as Football Directory, before he retires with James Ford as Head Coach. Castleford have a tough job replacing Daryl, get it wrong and they could easily end up where they were prior to him. Featherstone struggled to replace him and Castleford most certainly will too. What is situation with Ryan Sheridan? I assume he'll be going with him.
  8. I agree, Hull were pretty violent towards the end of the match. That tackle on Shaun Robinson could have caused serious injury. Hull to win around 40 - 10
  9. Even if it's something simple like your teams colours (branding) and perhaps a small message. Like #UnfinishedBusiness in the case of Featherstone. It ties in with the clubs current social branding.
  10. I was watching a video with Gary Hethrington and Mark Campbell being interviewed and they were discussing pitch markings. In which Mark Campbell stated how he's all for them, especially stating the 10m / 20m, etc lines. We have an exciting law in the 40/20 and now 20/40 - why not make it bold and exciting? Make a point of it. Same with the try line.
  11. Anyway, York's new stadium is a beauty. Looking forward to watching a game there with my old man. Got a lot of time for a very welcoming club.
  12. People do it cos they know they will get a reaction out of the clubs supporters. It's quite entertaining seeing some responses.
  13. Has anybody mentioned the Walkers, who were at Dewsbury. Matt, James, and Patch?
  14. I've never thought about this, but you make a good point. Why not have the graphics set to where you will likely see them in the defensive or attacking line (ideally attacking line).
  15. There's two options, rest some key players so they don't get knocks for the league matches or play your best team. For me, you have to play your best team, and hope for no injuries. The players need to have as many minutes as possible at the moment, as you can see there's no real consistency (purely from lack of minutes). I'd be looking to get Ferguson & Davies into the starting 17. No pressure on this game, so we might see some real attacking rugby.
  16. It's nearly 3PM the day before the game, when will we find out what is going to happen? Wouldn't mind purchasing the game via OURLeague today...
  17. I'm going to take punt that the game will go ahead, seeing as the following article has been published https://www.rugby-league.com/article/57818/magnificent-seven-for-the-easter-weekend
  18. Nothing like going OTT with your remarks. The club will probably be fined heavily and quite rightly too.
  19. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/57815/england-announce-monster-partnership Well that's certainly a big name brand.
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