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  1. That was on a completely different scale to the tackle on Shaul. Both clubs have different coaches now, and both clubs are probably better of squad wise too. Would expect Hull to beat Featherstone by 20 - 30.
  2. Take those tinted specs off. You know, both teams were as bad as each other.
  3. Salford v Widnes York v Wigan Swinton v Warrington Hull KR v Castleford Catalans v Wakefield Featherstone v Hull FC St Helens v Leeds Leigh v Huddersfield Bolded what I believe the TV games will be. Think Widnes will do Salford.
  4. I laughed at that not being given and I felt that was another real turning point of the game. I genuinely thought it was going to be given. The only reason why I could think it wasn't given was for obstruction as when he was going down he hits the other Batley's players leg. The game swung in the first half when Leake came on, played a blinder.
  5. Have I missed a topic on Bradford Bulls and Nigel Woods following the announcement on Friday as chairman of Bradford Bulls? Source > https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/56546226 Pretty big story.
  6. We've played two competitive matches and have played 40 minutes of "good" rugby - in which scored 71 points and won both games. Teams and players will find it hard to be consistent and to get to a good level for the first few weeks / months of the season. Batley has always been a tough nut to crack for us and many other teams.
  7. I'm with you on this, I live 3.4 miles away from Belle Vue - if I wasn't a Featherstone fan and didn't see the occasional fan wearing some merchandise I honestly wouldn't know there was a team. You have one of the "pin up players" in Tom Johnstone and powerhouse prop in Fifita - shout about them! For all we know, there could be something exciting happening to their community stadium too. Not enough teams shout about what they are good at.
  8. Fair point, i'll be interested to see the internal actions by Bradford (if of course it is deemed that he did it).
  9. Not sure what's worse this repeated offence or that ridiculous headbutt incident against Doncaster a few years ago.
  10. I think this will be a lot more competitive than the Bradford game as both teams are that week fitter. Weather conditions weren't ideal for the friendly fixture too. Hopefully Featherstone will tighten up their defence and give away less penalties, so I hope I don't jinx it now but a Featherstone with by 18.
  11. 10 years ago, it was the Tony Kenney Memorial Trophy - (this is how the top 3 was started). Not sure why it was ever pushed to one side.
  12. I think Headingley & John Smiths Stadium is an exception - but I'm very much in agreeance to what you are saying.
  13. I agree, I feel a real sense of that community spirit in the earlier rounds and the comments help that.
  14. Where is this "promo" being promoted? Or is it a casual video.
  15. Featherstone beat Toulouse on the Sunday evening, got back to Bristol (of all places at 6am) - coach journey back to Featherstone, then out again on Thursday morning. It was short notice as we only knew where the final was 2 weeks before the final after Toronto beat Toulouse.
  16. If you would have said 41 - 16 before the game, I'd have taken that result. Both teams look scratchy, Bradford more so. It's going to take another month at least for players getting back into it. I'd say a good, steady overall performance from Fev.
  17. I assume it will follow the link on BBC for the West Wales & Widnes game, so https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/rugby-league/55815310
  18. I didn't include 13 cos he left half way through the season.
  19. There's so many positives about his coaching - he improves players, the culture within the squad is brilliant. I really enjoyed the style that we played with. Don't forget Ryan Sheridan in this too - he does just as much as Powell. But there is this questions about finals. His record at Featherstone was questionable on this: League title 2010, 11, 12 1 Grand final win / 3 1 NRC Final Loss (11) & lost in the dying minutes of the semis in 10 & golden point in 12. 1 European Cup Win He can build a very a solid, workman like team. I thought after Castleford, he might go to a team like Hull, Huddersfield.
  20. Take a look at the attendance that day and split 4 ways: Castleford 7k Widnes 7k Featherstone 5k (Both Rovers & Lions) were there. Oldham 2k You had 3 teams with a very good following - where fans of there team will turn up who normally can't make it. I don't there's been a higher attendance before or since. Take a look a the Challenge Cup Final, crowds have dropped - Magic Weekend & SL GF have increased overall. The neutral get better value for there money.
  21. Or perhaps the team that come top, deservedly get promoted? We might see a rise in overall attendances - than just see a spike in play off attendances. It would mean that games then become more of an event.
  22. No. The first game was 100 (ish) less, I believe. They tweeted about it the day after I believe.
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