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  1. Featherstone Vs Batley on Saturday You'd imagine in the same sort of region?
  2. Thanks, that made me look on the website. See > https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000tlcm
  3. I saw a fair few tweets about this too. Unfortunately what we'll see with the OURleague app is some pretty naff commentators. There's been 3 (including Wilkin) over the weekend. We'll just have to get used too it.
  4. Colin, it'll be on iPlayer - not on BBC1 or 2. (possibly red button) Hopefully there will be a link on the day for you click to watch.
  5. Quite a sensitive subject this as the M-I-L is. I actually went to see her baptised at the FD arena in Leeds. Before I went I didn't want her to be, and afterwards I had no words. I was baffled with what they were suggesting about the way they should live there life. It was one of the most negative experiences in my life. A JW said to me, it's okay if you don't understand it - as a lot of us don't. Crazy thoughts. There's a lot of things I would love to go into, but it's most certainly not for me and the impact it has on my wife is not worth mumbling on about. It's her decision at the end of the day, but one I don't agree with.
  6. Google it and you will see the stories how Hull KR (and other teams) didn't want Toronto in Super League. Just look at the votes when they were cut off. The game could and should have worked together to make each club a success. This idea is one of them.
  7. It's incredibly difficult to read too much into the game yesterday. Lots of swapping and changing throughout the match, poor conditions, no crowd and the 2nd game in a year. Players will not be fully fit and of course rusty. It's just so nice to see both teams playing again and I'm sure it'll be a different game the next time we play. Good luck this season.
  8. It's quite amusing really when Hull KR questioned what they brought to SL and then repeat what they did.
  9. To be fair Colin, the weather is nasty out there and the pitch was cutting up. Got to play the conditions and there was a lot of changes in the team. James Webster has a tough job in picking a starting 13.
  10. The Fev Vs Bradford game should be good, as there's been a lot of chatter of Bradford aiming for promotion this year.
  11. Yes mate, there was. 2010 - York and Workington, then Fev & Fax. Same the year after. Not sure if there was a 3rd game.
  12. Martin Vickers (ex Toronto & Salford) will be Longo's replacement.
  13. If they can play this season, I would expect that to change. We'll find out later today.
  14. This would have been the perfect run out for Mccelland, who showed a lot of promise in 2019 at Featherstone. I thought for 12 weeks they could have given him a chance for him to be a consistent performer. Something he hasn't really been at Leeds. In one week, out the other.
  15. Looking forward to seeing him in a Featherstone shirt.
  16. Newman is a great prospect, but he's now coming back from a serious injury - let's see how he gets on.
  17. Just what I was told that Robin was also leaving the club to go to Bradford. Not see anything official from the club, but I'm not sure you would to be honest.
  18. Bradford City, along with the clubs Finance manager.
  19. It's brilliant news for the World Cup.
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