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  1. Well, Fev must bring something to the game then if the club can sign a player of that stature. Who'd have thought it? Well done Fev
  2. I heard it was Fev Fans on a end of season jolly.
  3. I think it's all about Barcelona Blues, Madrid Mavericks, Seville Stars, Paris Pirates, Amsterdam Aces and Berlin Bears.
  4. Yep, I thought when Ferguson came on he made a difference to that. Funnily enough I thought he was one of the better Featherstone players, yet he probably wouldn't have played if Cooper hadn't renewed his passport. Toulouse were class all over.
  5. Feel really disappointed with the game today, even in the opening moments Toulouse were on top. The first half we had polar opposite performances, Toulouse looking incredibly strong and showing there dominance - whilst Featherstone probably could have broken wind and they would have followed through. Second half and the first 20 minutes was what I was expecting from the contest, but in all fairness the game was probably done in the first half. Featherstone were just left with far too much to do and even when they had chances the ball didn't bounce kindly in there favour. Probably due to the fact Toulouse were really good! Toulouse most certainly deserve promotion into Super League and I hope they continue playing the way they do. Spectacular rugby. Well done Toulouse.
  6. I understand that there's now a shortage of popcorn in the world, thanks to this topic. Well done.
  7. Why can't we celebrate what each teams brings to the game?
  8. Jamaica Vs Scotland at Featherstone, then. See you all there.
  9. What a player, and a fine role model too. Highly respected player.
  10. Thanks Mark, makes sense I know he's be around the club since 2011 - wasn't sure when his professional debut was.
  11. Any news on a Luke Cooper testimonial?
  12. But they will then expect to pay next to nothing for any future game. So the standard has been set for cheap tickets. Each to there own, if you are happy great. If that was my club, i'd be pretty annoyed.
  13. Offering the product cheaper will only cheapen the brand. Think outside the box to attract crowd, make it an event.
  14. Shrinking the leagues, will make more individuals selfish. Good luck to them.
  15. Well this is all dependant on how much promotion the event is given. The game itself should be a very close encounter IMO, with some very good players on show I believe the appetite for Jamaican RL is getting stronger and probably has a bigger brand than Scotland RL. If you can get anywhere between 5 - 7k for this game than I would personally deem it a success.
  16. "They need to do some market research, put a meaningful long term calendar together and put games out to tender to see which towns and cities want to host. Not throw something together at the last minute based off the back of a fag packet." I don't disagree, but you have 2 - 3 months to organise such event, this is pretty much impossible to do - let's just call it off cos Featherstone is dump. "I take it all back. Fev is without doubt the best play to an international and create an 'event'. The takings from the corporate sales alone will be enormous." Seeing as the club own the stadium, you'd get much more of a return than a vast majority of the clubs in the game. There's lots of space for marquees / fan zones around the stadium - oh and a good sized clubhouse.
  17. I let you into a secret, not everybody who supports Featherstone lives in Featherstone. So a meaningful event that you talk about, ideally where would you play?
  18. Ugh, the old chestnut of Featherstone being a tiny village is so boring and tiresome. Maybe the reality of the situation is Featherstone regularly hosts Rugby matches for the community, has the right facilities for this type of fixture and maybe would get a full house - which would look good on TV (if on tv). No idea if it's the best as I don't know what venues are available. I don't think Ashton Goulding, Dale Ferguson, Danny Addy, Callum Mcelland would have any problems playing there.
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