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  1. Like they did for the Silk Cut Plate in 97'? Good idea, enjoyed that match.
  2. Good question! Please reply below with the answers.
  3. Bring your boots on sunday your playing
  4. Pictures from the Leigh Vs Featherstone game are being uploaded as we speak to my server, all should be on by 11. Take a look at CST Photography If you wish for any of these as prints, send me a message or email and I'll be more than happy to help.
  5. Exactly! We always have a fair few bad results each season. Beat the best, lose to the worst.
  6. No chance of Super League in YEARS! not unless somebody wins the lottery. Hard work can only get you so far.
  7. Did we lose today or something? Some right miserable folk on here tonight
  8. Match Pictures online at CST Photography. Please note that they are currently being uploaded and will full be uploaded by 1am
  9. Griff, thanks for making me aware of these, they must have failed when uploading. Should be on properly very shortly. Glad you all like. I will post the original image on here sometime too.
  10. Fev Vs Sheffield online. please note they are being uploaded as we speak, should all be complete at midnight. Cheers, Chris
  11. Vs Sheffield online. please note they are being uploaded as we speak, should all be complete at midnight. Cheers, Chris
  12. Nothing ever changes with Sheffield under Aston, very clever coach and frustrates the opposition, it was nice to do the dirty on them for the first time in a long time regarding the play offs. As for the game, bored at my mind for most of it. On a funny note, I love hearing fans telling the ref whats what and glancing at the touch judge with a massive grin on his face!
  13. Leeds United are playing Spurs on wednesday, so traffic around the ground would be a nightmare.
  14. Will be a closer game than people will like. Can see Hunslet being in the top 3 next season.
  15. I'm doing a batch of prints, so if anybody wants a picture (any game) let me know and I can arrange it for you. Cheers, Chris
  16. Was a decent bit of equipment he had, must have spent around
  17. Does this mean there is no Bluebeard? If thats true, there will be some sad fans. Smiles on faces when he's shook there hands or had a picture with him is great to see. (That's just the adults!)
  18. Online now @CSTPhotography *please note pictures are being uploaded and will all be online by 20:30
  19. Where was he today? When taking photos was asked on many occasions where he was.
  20. Match Pictures online @CSTPHOTOGRAPHY please note these are currently being uploaded to the server, all will be online by 4am.
  21. Ask your mate who's in the squad, that will be the easiest way.
  22. I wonder how much it actually costs to produce the shirts in a batch? Can't be much more than
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