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  1. Great news! Sounds like a similair system that was in use when Codefarm maintained it. Looking forward to the launch.
  2. Will you be keeping the new site up to date or will news have to be sent to the RFL?
  3. Objectives Min finish 4th & Northern Rail Semi Finalist. Being consistent is the key this season though.
  4. Whens the new website going live? This is where they can make some serious money!
  5. http://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/wakefiel...cats.5977216.jp
  6. Ian is a great bloke and has done wonders for the game down in Wales, I wish all levels of RL Media were at his level.
  7. That 100% accurate? Terrible from Prostar if true.
  8. The stadium plans have been developing for around a year now and I agree would be interesting to see where we are.
  9. Sounds like a plan, will go down for it and take some snaps.
  10. Too right we are, people who can't sing and dance seem to go for. Guarenteed winners.
  11. The picture in the P & C will be nearer to the mark i'd imagine. The one in bbc has be re-sized so much the colours won't be as pure at the P & C. Be interesting to see what it looks like and the quality of the shirts.
  12. it is 5k according to this: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/Coup-a...nsor.5911955.jp
  13. Is it possible to get this on the website for some advertising?
  14. Expect a website like these then: http://halifaxrlfc.co.uk/ http://www.dewsburyrams.co.uk/ http://www.leighcenturions.com/
  15. Didn't the RFL buy the ground off them last year to help with finances? Its not the RFL who didn't pay the tax man. Sometimes its actually the clubs fault, not the RFL's!
  16. Said many weeks ago we should sign him. Would be one of the best 9's we've had in years.
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