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  1. There are areas that can be majorily improved, just like a vast majority of sports, but what would you change if you were given the role of top dog?
  2. I'll be buying my season ticket tomorrow morning online, be lovely if it was over 1,000. Be amazing if it was! Have the club done any research into where our supporters live, possible areas for growth, what type of backgrounds our fans live in? Should all be part of the marketing department (do we have that?) I see both sides of the arguement with other supporters getting in cheaper, but you never know it could work, why not give it a whirl for one game only? A game where we wouldn't get many away fans. The family days work a treat, why not look at what York do and have a "ladies" game where all ladies get into the game free? What about a special supporters bus for the fans that live further away? Running from Selby, picking up en route at the likes of Knottingley, Ferrybridge, Brotherton, whilst also coming from South Elmsall, Hemsworth, Upton? Mick raises a valid point that
  3. Looks like we are playing Wakefield in January at home. Good money spinner.
  4. Got a good friend up in Workington who says its terrible conditions, but they are battling through. Fingers crossed this is the worst it gets and it settles down asap.
  5. The same news that has been branded about for a while now, 2 year deal for JJP and I would assume for the other player. I'll believe all of this when it officially happens. The signings of these two guys will hopefully be the flair and attention this club needs to get 2 - 3,000 through the gates.
  6. Link for the official signing please, can't see it on the fev website.
  7. If sky ditched Rugby League it would hinder our league in quite a way, don't they give our league X amount to help pay for chief exec? How many times have people on here moaned that we never get any publicity, we do now! Sky have shown us several times, Orange TV have done too. Shouldn't we all be striving for full time clubs? Lets turn the situation around and be positive, help ourselves, championship/1/amatuer/grass roots etc. Why do a vast majorty of followers of the game have a beef about something even when they get something they ask for. We need as much TV air time as possible, get the game spread out as far and wide as possible. imo every club, league and organisation within the RFL have a terrible marketing setup, we need all the help we can get. There is so much potential with this game its unbelievable.
  8. Thought he was one of our better players towards the end of season, never gave in. Ok he made an odd mistake here and there, but i tend to agree with Keiron, average Championship player. Not sure whether its a good or bad thing he's gone.
  9. Contracts are signed apparently, its just the visas, unless you meant that was completed now?
  10. Wasn't Mossop at Cas? Rather have Neil Budworth (available) over Henderson, although Henderson is one of the best hookers in the league,
  11. How many millions do the Aussie Government plough into sport? How many services do they offer for free to anybody who wants to play at any level? Compare that to us and thats one area where we can go forward. Grass roots rugby is dying, why? cos the rfl couldn't give a stuff. If they did give a stuff, it would be a great day.
  12. Always recommend them to whomever is buying sporting gear. Great set of lads.
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