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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if we saw Richard Agar become football manager at Leeds with Danny Ward new first team manager.
  2. Great win for you, that'll give you some confidence to really kick this season on.
  3. I genuinely disagree about the lack of money, I think there's most certainly enough to go round. In regards player pool, this is why I was suggesting that a team wouldn't go down until there was 16 teams. It gives teams the chance to: a) build youth infastructures b) give them an opportunity. Anway - just my thoughts. It'll never happen. It'll only decrease in number of teams.
  4. For me this is the perfect opportunity to really re-asses Super League, the tv deal and say we'll start to grow the league and hope they'll increase the spend for each year. I'd get SL up to 16 teams without relegation over the next four years, giving everybody the chance to start planning for the future. No excuses there-after. Bradford, Featherstone, Halifax, Newcastle, Toulouse Widnes & York could be in with a shot. The game needs a fresh spark.
  5. SATURDAY 3rd JULY Featherstone Rovers v London Broncos KO 18:00 SUNDAY 4th JULY Bradford Bulls v Batley Bulldogs KO 15:00 Dewsbury Rams v Sheffield Eagles KO 15:00 Halifax Panthers v Widnes Vikings KO 15:00 Whitehaven v Swinton Lions KO 15:00 York City Knights v Newcastle Thunder KO 15:00
  6. I think a lot is up in the air at the moment, not just if a team got promoted but the current financials of clubs in the top division. The game keeps shooting itself in the foot and the top division will end up being part time if it doesn't grow. IMO Toulouse and Featherstone had a much better squad than Leigh did, but that's a whole different argument. After this season, I don't really see much hope for Featherstone to get into SL, I can see SL clubs reverting back to a licensing scheme.
  7. SATURDAY 26th JUNE Featherstone Rovers v Newcastle Thunder KO 18:00 SUN 27TH JUNE 2021 Batley Bulldogs v Halifax Panthers KO 15:00 Bradford Bulls v Widnes Vikings KO 15:00 London Broncos v Swinton Lions KO 15:00 Oldham v Dewsbury Rams KO 15:00 Whitehaven v York City Knights KO 15:00 Sheffield Eagles v Toulouse Olympique KO 15:00
  8. Let's hope York are kicking off more than at 12 or 12:50 too!
  9. Dewsbury Rams v Featherstone Rovers KO 15:00 London Broncos v Whitehaven KO 15:00 (OurLeague) Newcastle Thunder v Oldham KO 15:00 Swinton Lions v Halifax Panthers KO 15:00 Widnes Vikings v Sheffield Eagles KO 15:00 (OurLeague) York City Knights v Batley Bulldogs KO 15:00 (OurLeague)
  10. I have a feeling Sinfield knew that the challenge at Leeds was far bigger than he realised when he joined, same with Agar.
  11. If I was Kear, I'd be on the blower to Leeds and getting McCelland on loan until Brough returns.
  12. This is a clip of Wynne when he was on loan at York around a month ago: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=150410543754479
  13. Not a clue what happened, the video won't and doesn't tell the full story. People are quick to jump in without the full facts. There's a lot of good folk who support the club, Robin and Dave are just two examples.
  14. The video on "Fev Watch" only tells half a tale. Why wasn't the full video shown?
  15. Love Rugby League has nothing to do with League Publications.
  16. Thought Widnes had a lot of fight in them today, might be the positivity they need going into the rest of the season. Reckon Bradford will turn Fev over next week.
  17. I couldn't give a flying monkeys how we played today. Fev are at Wembley and it's a dream come true. It was too good to be true at 16 - 0 and I thought that try on half time killed the game off, but Widnes kept coming back. Not sure how we won, but i'd take a similar win in any sort of occasion.
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