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  1. How was that not a try? The ball touched the line. I'd be fuming if I was a Salford player / fan.
  2. Batley are on fire! Looking good for a play off spot, hope the form continues.
  3. Sorry, where did you get violent fans from? I was on about the players and most certainly not violent players either.
  4. Really looking forward to the York Vs Featherstone match. So many on the pitch battles that are tasty. Kirmond Vs Lockwood - I believe this is the first time professionally they have faced each other in a competitive match (not friendly). Spears & Baldwinson against there former club https://yorkcityknights.com/club/ford-names-squad-for-featherstone-clash/ .
  5. https://twitter.com/BizarreRl/status/1390591336995303424/photo/1
  6. Do we include Barrow in this too......
  7. Here's a few of the details as what it will be: https://theyorkshirepress.co.uk/business/blacks-solicitors-scores-a-try-with-the-sale-of-red-hall-house/
  8. FRIDAY 7th MAY Sheffield Eagles v Batley Bulldogs KO 19:45 SATURDAY 8th MAY Oldham v Whitehaven KO 12:45 SUNDAY 9th MAY Dewsbury Rams v Halifax Panthers KO 17:15 London Broncos v Newcastle Thunder KO 15:00 Swinton Lions v Bradford Bulls KO 11:45 Toulouse Olympique v Widnes Vikings KO 16:15 (at Heywood Road, Sale) York City Knights v Featherstone Rovers KO 19:30 - Draw
  9. It doesn't end with player welfare. The stress of the staff at some clubs will be a lot more fragile than the players.
  10. When is it not? Brilliant league, wish people shouted about it more than put it down...
  11. Last week I posted that anybody can literally beat anyone. The Fax scores proves it. York will have done well to beat Dewsbury at Dewsbury - very tough to beat. Some good matches this week.
  12. There is a truly competitive league now in the Championship featuring all those teams. The 2 leagues of 10 is nothing short of greed and short sightedness for those that are still wanting to stay full time and in the mix for the money. If the game wants to "grow" like it's constantly saying then you can only do that by increasing the number of teams in the leagues and produce a strategy where it will be consistent for years and won't be changed. Arguements for the loop fixtures were "there's not enough games" - well that most certainly screams to me like there's not enough games now, unless all teams play each other a minimum of three times. Grow SL 1 team per year, for the next 4 years as it currently is without relegation. The teams, then must hit a minimum criteria involving finances, marketing, strategy, support base, commercial revenue, etc, etc. So many questions that I have.
  13. I'll be honest, I've not been on the Super League website and it's far from "Super". To get it to a very high standard will require a considerable investment, from a design, development and content point of view. With the "content" aspect being the long term cost - but that literally will tie in with their wider online strategy. No doubt when it was scoped and built they will have spent around 100k doing it - for that, I would expect a much better quality. For instance the very first news item is the try of the month, when you click on the image it takes you to a 404 page - that is basic as they come.
  14. SATURDAY 1st MAY Oldham v Halifax Panthers KO 12:45 Sheffield Eagles v London Broncos KO 15:00 SUNDAY 2nd MAY Dewsbury Rams v York City Knights KO 19:30 Newcastle Thunder v Batley Bulldogs KO 12:45 Whitehaven v Bradford Bulls KO 15:00 Widnes Vikings v Swinton Lions KO 17:15
  15. You are aware that's not his Twitter, account.
  16. Does anybody have any of the historical figures for Premier Sports when the Championship was on around 06/07? I don't see the Championship or League 1 getting much money at all. Maybe £1m at the most. I know the clubs will most certainly miss the money from TV revenue (who wouldn't), but I'd love to know if any terrestrial channel would be interested in showing it. I think the game would be better having a highlights packing on ITV on an Monday evening, like Rugby League Raw (but not that raw)
  17. That has already happened in the game, but that's for another thread.
  18. With the Man City owners pumping in 5m a year? What is the chance of Man City being involved like this? In Spain, this is quite the norm.
  19. I still think we are seeing the effects of not playing last year, I don't think any team has been consistent in there performances so far this year. I think we are still 2 weeks to a month before we start to see teams be a least a lot more consistent. It's going be a tough gig with injuries and covid. On the Featherstone game, I never felt like we were going to lose, but the Whitehaven side is very spirited and just lack fitness. The scoreline flattered Featherstone and only really put it to bed when Whitehaven really struggled with fitness. How's it going to work towards the end of the year when Toulouse will have a load of home fixtures to play? They will have to fit in an awful lot if it continues the way it is.
  20. Yeah. I read that too, it baffles me when I read things like that. No team in this league are easy beats.
  21. That's why people thought Batley would win. Very good Championship team.
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