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  1. 32 minutes ago, POR said:

    BOO OOH we haven’t recruited a Walker or a Gale so what we going to do obviously without those two it's going to be our downfall:kolobok_grin::kolobok_grin::kolobok_grin:

    The article doesnt say or read like that at all, no way is it taking the mick out of us

    i actually thought it was a well done article & its not hard to argue with the overall analysis, i cant say i disagree with much of it and the placings of the teams 

    i read it that Walker & Gale are still two big names & eye opening signings with “star” quality attached to them, but they are just individuals whereas weve signed numerous quality signings who are just below being a considered a “star” signing like a Walker or Gale - totally agree 

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  2. One of the “dads army” forwards in locky moors and koppy will not play for me and will be rotated out, think they will all take turns having a spell out of the team and will be managed accordingly throughout the season

    I think Yei showed enough sunday to warrant a place in the 17 though i see him as a pen machine the way he flys out of the line going fir the big hit and misses more than he connects 

    Cooper hasnt done enough in pre season to get in at all - I dont think Longy is a fan either with his distinct lack of minutes

    Think Lacans gets in the 17 but the weather forecast may play a role in the bench - if its ###### there will be 3 forwards on the bench, if its decent a utility player will get in 

  3. On 22/01/2023 at 21:00, The Phantom Horseman said:

    It looks like there are four or five rows of seating in front of their hospitality cabins at the far end of the ground, but I can imagine they are going to be quite popular and don't know if they can be reserved.

    The east stand is currently a building site and nowhere near finished yet and the north stand (the large terraced area behind the sticks that had a roof over it) also looks to be closed at the moment. so it's basically just the western terracing and then those few seats behind the posts at the far end.

    See the video below from their first pre-season game


    Half of North stand is open by all accounts for Sundays game 

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  4. 5 hours ago, POR said:

    Funny thing P if you read the article, it says possible move is all down to Joey

     Finally, the three-quarter Samoan center of Featherstone in 225 NRL matches, Joey Leilua (30) has approached the Dragons. A second track that the club is studying if the player makes the necessary financial efforts.

    Think that is more down to the translation from french to english rather than the player actually approaching another club 

  5. 49 minutes ago, Fevrover said:

    Matty Russell from Tolouse been banded about.

    Not really - someone posted a poorly executed photoshop of matty russells head onto matty wildie and put it on fev fans fb page as a wind up

    People who probably should know better actually fell for it as a genuine photo 

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  6. On 12/11/2022 at 13:25, The Phantom Horseman said:

    Probably not the time you'd choose to play Keighley - first season back, at their place in front of what is sure to be a lively crowd, and against a certain half back who you know is going to be all geared up to put on a show. But it's a cracking season-opener for the TV cameras, bring it on!

    I disagree - on a probable muddy, definately cold & possibly a wet pitch in february - think he will be nullified a bit & it will be a forwards match so think its a perfect time to get them out of the way 

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  7. Like TPH said and some appear to have forgotten - Weve been here before with PNG halfbacks shining at big tournaments & looking world beaters and then flopping at club level for us months later

    Boas was on top of the world & a coup signing a few years ago, raved anout by many, but didnt get through the season and cant even get in a Doncaster team every week now if still there 

    I wont be jumping on the bandwagon till hes done it on a cold wet sunday afternoon at Batley

  8. That french second rower Le Cam to be announced sometime next week 

    Dont know about Featherstone Flamingos - it seems Frogs was more of an appropriate name the way its going

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  9. Longy must be having a word in the french players ears during training whispering “come to fev” 

    Cant say i know much about this bloks, i cant say ive seen his name on the cats team sheet often despite the atricle saying he “packed in some SL experience”

    Brings down the pack average age if anything being only 22 

  10. Said on another thread I hope its not Hardman 

    Whilst a club legend no way is this the right job for him - not only is there added weight of expectation but hes too inexperienced to take on a job like this at this stage of his coaching career plus if it starts to unravel and go wrong - what would be the implications of his life outside of work? He is MC son in law after all - They do say never work with family members

    If Hardman is harbouring ambitions of being a top man surely he has to step away and hone his skills elsewhere

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