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  1. Went through the ringer there We need to get some bodies back Defeat is just around the corner without some troops back - might be next week
  2. All 3 of your posts quoted for you to read back in one go - if you read them back in one go out loud you might come to the same conclusion as most people on here in that you sound like a right bell at this moment in time Im undecided though which way you will go though if we get to the final - front of the queue salivating for a ticket or sat at home trying to listen to it on wireless probably wearing a covid mask
  3. Apart from the sin bin think we got every single 50/50 descision in that game Not a classic but ground it out Another win at the shay - is that 11 wins out of last 12 visits there? Hope chizzy being taken off was a precaution
  4. I would be having a word with your internet/broadband provider sounds like that is your problem
  5. Halifax Town have not been allowed to let away supporters into the Shay since fans were allowed in to watch the football so cant see the RL club being given preferential treatment
  6. Sweeting played for Hunslet last week but was not involved this week so may have got injured last week?
  7. Hopefully teaching how to kick a goal
  8. This is the greatest mind games ever played posting cryptic squads so no one know the lineup till game day
  9. Blew them away in the end but another tough watch at times Wouldve been interesting next week if Toulouse game wouldve been on - 34-0 on fax today after half an hour but ended up scraping a win in the end so they too probably have some things to ponder especially regarding a defensive collapse of 34 points in a little under 50 mins That gale hit on the winger who broke through at 16-10 then went off a bit of a gamechanger, we scored not long after that, i know they scored again but we always were able to keep out heads above water till the blowout Was critical of him in pre-season but Moors was outstanding for me in the pack - glad to see im being proven wrong
  10. They lost to dews 17-8 Can really see us finally putting in a 80 min performance and putting Haven to the sword - With no game the following week that points difference percentage thing will go a long way to aiding us especially if the toulouse away game cannot be re-arranged
  11. Think he will go with a powell like team having a bit of a playmaker at 13 so think it will be holmes / chizzy in halves n brown at 13 n parata/jones the hookers Throwback to Kain, Finn & Heppy at 13 days
  12. For club to release a statement you need someone backstage to work for club - as seen over last few days with all departures its clear to see no one works at club anymore
  13. Well thats clearly Rhys Martin attempting a kick in Leeds VS Wakey game on the TV so that ends the theory that its a “historical” photo
  14. Jamie shaul out of season with ACL injury so cant be anybody elses victim this year Unless were on the sportsman cant see us being on BBC or Sky Think there are better ties out there for coverage Saints/Leeds is one BBC gimme game, think they will go for the York game as the other seen as its their first home game at that ground and wigan are injury ravaged
  15. Absolutely terrible performance Think the hype had gone to their heads - as well as some of the supporters - predicting 20+ pts win every week, asking about wembley etc etc Im glad Batley turned up and gave it a go & nearly won - the reality check was needed both on the field and on the forums Brown finally turned up & parata yet again showing us he is currently undroppable Extremely poor and lucky to get the result - surely a reaction on friday and a lot of training on how to catch a ball Changes must take place for me Hardy out for Minns & Halton out for Davies
  16. Chizzy ice pack on thigh at the end and limping slightly - hopefully just a precaution
  17. Strange game Very poor first 20 mins of both halves for me But saying that we scored 41 points in 40 very good mins which is a frightening prospect for opposistion when/if we click & the pitches harden up
  18. No Ferres Moors or Summers for the game Ferres recovering from shoulder op, Moors visa needs sorting out still, Summers recovering from a broken foot Other than that everyone is available & everyone will probably play a part
  19. it was the event, the opponenets and the date like it tends to be in finals wasnt it?
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