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  1. thursday 9th september, it is on sky
  2. First 25 mins not one team in the league wouldve lived with that, every attack we looked like scoring, on the rare occasions we were a bit far from the line we had made 60/70m and put the pressure on In that period that was the best ive seen Fev play this season, scintillating stuff at times throughout the team I thought the intensity might have slowed in the second half with such a big lead at HT, how wrong was I! The message to Fax et al was clearly sent All in all its a proud day for anyone associated with Fev, it looked like we are injury free as well, Roll on Fax in a few weeks
  3. Thats why i said will he complete the cumbrian treble, hes managed the other two teams
  4. Ged Stokes has gotten the bullet from Haven Probably not one person is suprised after the season they have had, probably the timing of it is a bit weird with 1 game to go and its probably at least 2/3 months too late in terms of when the Haven fans wouldve liked it to have happened Will Stokes now complete the cumbrian treble?
  5. Warrington fans wondering what the flat caps were all about
  6. The hard work starts for them now though, some of their squad looked overweight when they were on sky the other week
  7. I like rumours. Shad Royston has been a possible name mentioned that would be the centre replacement
  8. Theres the BBC documentary coming out later on in the year, and Look North etc are owned/run by the BBC, perhaps they want to keep the exposure to a minimum for the moment because of the documentary after all it would look better and be better TV for people who dont folllow us, watch the documentary and see the happy ending rather than a 2 minute mention on a local news programme You would think there will surely be some mention of our triumph seen as though they were filming at the sheffield game in anticipation we would clinch it that day Maybe they will be filming at Barrow home game of us lifting the league winners trophy and potentially of the grand final if we get there? Who knows but i reckon the exposure will be later on through the documentary rather than instant
  9. no chance The ground only holds 6,700 safely, now it would be lovely to get somwehwere near that but cant see it realistically
  10. To be fair there didnt appear to be any national press photgraphers or rugby league papers photographers there either, only club photographers?
  11. Thought we played the slope perfectly for any visiting team to Batley some great rugby at times Having Saxton back is like a breath of fresh air, superb rugby as well for Divortys try The second half must go down as a season highlight - Fev contingent awesome, mustve been 600-700 packing out Batleys stand, great scenes at the end
  12. Thanks for that, have replied. I assume all champ rugby on this link?
  13. Think there will be a massive response this week, following a poor performance we always bounce back and bounce back well, certainly this season we have anyway Theres also the chance to have an unbeaten away record It wont be easy but i think we will do it, we always take a good following to Batley and this season with a chance to seal the league leaders trophy this will be no exception in terms of the crowd Unsure of what a defeat would do i think a few jitters might creep into the lads if we lose Batley 16 Rovers 29 Att 1546 1st Try Welham
  14. Highlights look excellent with the extra bit of media added Will it look like this at next season assuming highlights will be shown?
  15. A great effort to pull in 2300+ but what an anti climax that game was Did the occasion and what was up for grabs get to them? Very pedestrian first half and second half till we were 16-32 down then we upped the game and showed what we can do Tackling poorest this season by far, Welham was ripped apart by Yere all game (pointed out by a mate) We were very readable with not much variation. Even so weve always bounced back from poor performances so expecting a response at Batley next week Congrats to the team on clinching 1st spot, but by the end, not many were celebrating that fact
  16. would agree with that team but swap saxtons place on bench for field
  17. Fev got a mention most days on Radio one breakfast show to 8 million people every day not so long ago
  18. certainly brings south wales, workington and Swinton back into the playoff picture
  19. All away games Stu chasing down penkywicz at Fax
  20. Ive asked about that on havenfans see if they come up with an answer of sorts In case anyone is bothered about their version of today they have no complaints with the result or ref really, most feel it could and shouldve been more and a shame we didnt have our kicking boots on today, some walked out at half time disgusted with their team perfromance, a lot were cheering for fev in the end hoping that stokes would resign but apparenlty he hasnt and is planning for CH1 life Those that commented about the 'trouble' agree with our version of OTT stewards and no fev fans were at all to blame for incident and that it is hurting their club as it happened at the leigh game also
  21. Tonks got the try to make it 40-0 not field, handed on a plate to him by Kain so he doesnt have to do the naked run
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