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  1. It was standing order last season, we have changed to go cardless and now offer both standing orders or direct debit
  2. the man

    1895 Cup

    Barrow have most definitely opted in. The first round is a weekend and will provide much needed revenue. We already are dropping from 27 games to 20 games and are planning 4 friendlies instead of 3 to help plug the financial gap. If we stay injury free then there is no reason why we can't have a decent run in the cup. Doncaster were a last minute try away from beating Sheffield in the quarter final who went on to win it. There's no reason why a decent Championship One club couldn't go all the way
  3. the man

    RLWC 9's

    It's a mistake. We tried to sign Watson last season before he agreed terms with Featherstone and then mid-season signed a two year deal with Doncaster
  4. Yes it was a success and massive thanks to Barrow Golf Club for hosting the event. They have promised to put it in the calendar annually and they really think it could grow and maybe incorporate a dinner for the evening too. It wasn't a massive earner but we have to keep working hard bringing in as much as possible, it also helped foster our relationship with some of the business owners of the town.
  5. I didn't see this or can't find it. What site was it? It wasn't on the official Raiders page of Facebook
  6. All contracts are void in the event of relegation
  7. Think you've jumped the gun a bit on the top post. The only ones announced are: Star Amean 2 years Wartovo Puara 2 years Jamie Dallimore 1 year Connor Terrill 3 years
  8. Obviously, they have compilers who actually do some price modelling
  9. Pinnacle don't go bust and that's their model and they take the biggest bets in the industry, alas they no longer operate in the UK. None of the UK bookmakers are willing to take decent bets especially on UK rugby league which to them is a minority sport
  10. https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/adrian-lam-provides-update-on-wigan-warriors-fresh-injuries-1-9878357
  11. I believe he suffered a bad injury versus Saints - massive shame if diagnosis is as suspected
  12. I really can't understand the call to virtually concede this game. We will be playing our strongest available team. The board, coaching staff and players all want to go to Wembley. I find it hard to believe the supporters don't. Leigh are playing some great stuff at the moment but we are going there to win. Winning is a habit and we are starting to like it.
  13. Old Friends in Ulverston is a great place for real ale and also big sponsors of rugby league and the club. There is also a festival in Ulverston today so could be a great time to visit.
  14. I'm not prepared to say who it was. I believe I am open and honest with the majority of club matters but I don't want to disrespect the player or club by naming them after they did a U-turn And of course we are going to try to stay up.
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