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  1. Barrow, not mentioned, are strongly in favour of a return to action https://www.nwemail.co.uk/sport/18543355.future-barrow-raiders-season-still-unclear-indecisive-rfl-meeting/
  2. Dan & Shane Toal Barrow Steve and Phil Hogan Barrow Liam and James Finch Barrow
  3. The match will be definitely streamed live at www.barrowrlfc.com with a 1.30pm kick off
  4. The match will be streamed at www.barrowrlfc.com with a 1.30pm kick off
  5. I would say almost certainly yes
  6. Barrow Raiders will again be live streaming their fixture on Sunday versus North Wales on www.barrowrlfc.com This will be totally free but it would be great if you could join Ourleague and nominate us as your club or your second club if you are a Super League fan https://membership.rugby-league.com
  7. We haven't done anything yet but there's no reason why we couldn't do things like Walney's origin matches, or clubs' Sportsman's dinners or even the events at the Forum
  8. I appreciate what you are saying Michael and we will try to get the fix done ASAP but the right hand side of the stand as you look from it has the seating there
  9. We plan a review meeting this week but so far very few problems have been reported. We did have a few internet issues as our router had been "borrowed" but that will be in place this week so should be slicker. The barrowevents site is owned by the club so there is no ticket levy except a very small charge for credit card sales. Owning the site also gives us options to become the ticketing solution for other events in the town and for us to charge the typical 50p-£1 booking fee
  10. We can only apologise. We agree it looks an eye-sore. The seats were removed in an attempt to fix a leak underneath the main stand. We thought we had completed the job but found further seats needed to be removed as the leak came from a different source. I will raise this at this week's board meeting and see if we can get the repairs done as a matter of urgency by the ground maintenance team. We are reliant on our volunteer team and as you allude to, funds are an issue. The team have spent much of the winter refurbishing the changing rooms which was well overdue but I'm conscious we need to push on with this repair
  11. If you are in need of a rugby league fix Barrow plan to livestream the friendly versus Oldham at 2pm at www.barrowrlfc.com First attempt so please bear with us if we have technical issues
  12. From Barrow's Facebook page: For all those fans who can't make the game and for our overseas fan base we will be live streaming the fixture versus Oldham at www.barrowrlfc.com . We are trying to link the pictures provided by our cameraman, Keith Wearing, to the commentary provided by Dan Payne and Grahame Dale from the CanDo radio team. We have permission from the RFL to stream all our games this season as long as it doesn't clash with the main OurLeague game of the day or a Skysports fixture. We have plans to stream the away games in to the Raiders Bar. Please bear with us if we have technical problems for our first live trial.
  13. We have arranged with the RFL for a minutes silence to be observed in memory of Frank. Frank's teams are the ones that got me hooked. Probably my best season's memory was 1978/79 when we made all those signings from rugby union and but before Christmas could hardly win a game. After Christmas we had a scrappy win in the Challenge cup against lower league York (10-7 I think) then beat New Hunslet and everything just clicked. We lost at Wakefield in the CC 1/4 final when we took a few thousand but in the league we started to beat everyone, alas not enough to avoid relegation when 4 went down
  14. Banned for the first eight games and 38 at the start of the season. Very good player in his prime
  15. It was standing order last season, we have changed to go cardless and now offer both standing orders or direct debit
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