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  1. Yeah but that’s why the political bit exists, so people can fall out without everyone else getting involved. What should be a congratulatory thread soon turns into a squabble. Having the political bit separate has improved this forum no end.
  2. Can this be dumped in the Political Discussion cesspit where it belongs please?
  3. Not much consolation while Boris is declaring Union is more important than Brexit!
  4. It is still one country regardless of all that. A bloody big one but still one country. Thus regardless of which state they come from, they represent Australia. The UK is comprised of different countries. Unless you fancy telling a Scotsman that he's almost English.
  5. The olympics is different though, this country only enters as GB, so they can’t realistically enter as Scotland. And even then, most people are aware that they are made up entirely of Scottish people.
  6. That’s ignoring the issue that players should not be allowed to switch between nations, certainly not at the start of their career. (There could be an argument for older players representing developing nations)
  7. The number of top Irish and Scottish players emerging is directly proportional to the effort put into developing players in those areas, I think the technical term is Jack She!t. Joe Philbin is English.
  8. An analogy which I'd very much agree with....if RL was just starting out in international competition. As it is, it's something like 119 years and IIRC, ironically enough that first international team was Wales.
  9. It’s clearly not an issue to you, to me it’s a waste of time and resources. It also detracts from any momentum the England name was making.
  10. Still can’t agree. I don’t think it’s as bad as you say deciding to name the team dependent on player selection for a start. Certainly no more ridiculous than naming it GB when they knew damn well no Non English would make the cut.(except Aussies of course) These benefits you list, all avoid the thing that should be focussed on; getting actual Irish or Welsh players playing the game to a decent level. Realistically, nobody in Wales or Ireland or Scotland grows up wanting to represent GB, they all dream of representing their country. Saying ‘that will never happen so let’s stick ‘em in GB’ ensures that it definitely will never happen. And if that prep work can’t be bothered with, then just accept the only representative nation will be England. If we had 30 contenders for the GB team containing 4 Welsh, 2 Irish and 1 Scottish players, and it so happened that the chosen team were all English, that would still be ok as at least others are in the mix.
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