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  1. FAO anyone who might be interested.... I have several RL Books that I am getting rid of, but before I take them to the charity shop I wondered if any RL fan on here might want them? They are free but you’d have to pay the cost of postage. Books: RL in 20th Century Britain - Tony Collins 1895 and all That..... - Tony Collins All Blacks to All Golds - John Haynes The Petition - Ray Gent From Glass to Grass - Paul Loughlin Bald Truth - Keith Senior And a couple of fictional RL based novels, Better than all the rest - Phillip Howard Year Zero - Ian Book PM if interested. Thanks NB all in excellent condition
  2. Let's not forget, he was only what...46? Terribly sad.
  3. Tell a lie, there was some sort of scuffle once at headingley during a Leeds-Bradford game. But that was 2 Bradford fans having an argument over a woman or something.
  4. It was Lounge Room Lizard but I think he was on even before that under a different name? Possibly RLDeutchsland or similar. Either way, a sad loss. The last time I chatted with him, he seemed fairly optimistic but knew ultimately he was living on borrowed time. A brave guy. RIP
  5. I must be lucky because I never have seen any bother at RL games. I know it has happened and RL is not whiter than white in this matter of game related violence but overall I think it’s a fairly small issue.
  6. Bradford has fallen further than most though, it was once a very rich prosperous city with more allegedly more millionaires than anywhere outside the stock exchange. Whereas now.....it isn’t.
  7. The worst thing about Bradford is the city centre, it’s cabbaged. It used to be buzzing with all sorts of pubs and clubs of every description but I fear it’s now too far gone to turn it round. There are many very nice areas, ok there’s several dodgy ones too but overall it’s not as bad as made out.
  8. Sad news if not totally unexpected. Long time contributor to this forum and a passionate RL fan and did more for spreading the game than 95% of us will ever do. RIP
  9. It’s inevitable RL Fans has gone down the pan. It was run by smug tossers who at one point thought they were the dogs, screw them. Contrast that with the work that John Drake puts in here, dealing with people who get on his t its (me mainly) yet always deals with it well. FWIW, I don’t use any forums other than this. I used to use Twitter a lot but it’s full of dickheads. Facebook I didn’t use for many years but is good for contacting actual old friends, even if it’s full of endless garbage too. But whatever I’m on, I only ever use my real identity. And never say anything I wouldn’t say to someones face. A golden rule IMO
  10. I’m not exactly a fan but I did really like their cover of Springsteen’s Fire. That was really good.
  11. I’m not going down t’pit They’d not have a scrawny little 2@ like thee anyway.
  12. I am a cider drinker. Nothing to do with this thread, just saying.
  13. Quit the slagging of Indoor League. I have fond memories of it. I’ll si thi
  14. Are The Wurzels from Wiltshire? if so, it’s not all bad.
  15. IIRC Brian Connonly was the half brother of Taggart!
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