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  1. Abba were (are) a very popular band who were extremely talented songwriters. Not a particular fave of mine (one or two exceptions) but I wouldn't say they did anything other than make very popular music. That's not slagging them btw
  2. Because of the nature of the charts today (ie do they still exist?) many people have no idea about One Direction, I only know one of their songs. In the past, whether you liked it or not you knew what was in the charts and so songs that maybe you couldn't even stand became part of your life. This just doesn't happen today. Take Ed Sheeran for example. He's very very popular and allegedly had something like the too 5 singles at one point. I think this passed most people by as it just doesn't mean much in today's fragmented world. I couldn't sing one of his songs if I was held at gunpoint - sure that's probably not everyone but it's not like when you used to have Radio 1 on at work and everyone knew it.
  3. My personal 5 would be different too but I think you have to look at the wider picture. What has had a wide cultural impact etc. I'd have The Who in mine.
  4. Eagles and Fleetwood Mac? As if. Not untalented by any means but not too 5.
  5. That's not aimed at black youths only though.
  6. Re: the train conundrum. There's also an additional argument that I've seen thrown into the mix that says, what if the one guy was the one who was going to assassinate Hitler (other tyrants are available) thereby saving many more lives?
  7. I just realised.... It was my lads 23rd birthday yesterday. His elder brother will be 30 this year. Yet not once have I sat them down and reminded them not to sexually assault women. Luckily for me, Gillette are here to remind me to do just that.
  8. I don't start from a baseline that all men are rapists and sexual predators though.
  9. It's not just this advert though is it? The message is everywhere 'men are a set of b'stards' Now perhaps you feel happy being labelled as a caveman or a rapist, personally I have higher standards for myself. I will not be held responsible for *some* men's behaviour and I will not be labelled as being as bad as them. Contrast this with maybe a tampon advert or most things aimed at women. They are always at pains to point out how strong and courageous women are, simply by virtue of not having a dick. It's BS.
  10. I was a regular Gillette user. In fact just before Christmas I purchased about 6 months worth of razors. I'll either give them to someone or throw them in the bin but they can go get effed in terms of future purchases because I'd rather use crappy cheapo jobs from now on.
  11. No. But I'm currently working on another advert, it goes....'Black men, stop drug dealing and shooting people - you can be better than that.' Sorted.
  12. Yeah because if not instructed otherwise, men become violent and rape women - it's our default position. Men are inherently evil.
  13. Maybe you are happy being labelled a rapist and/or a violent woman hater. Personally I'm sick to the back teeth of it. F*** Gillette and all the other hypocritical corporations.
  14. Gillette have screwed up big time. Which they will soon realise when millions of toxic razor uses stop buying their products. Approval from a few 1000 on social media will not pay the bills.
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