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  1. But back to the gardening aspect, I have a decent sized area in my garden that I've used to grow potatoes in the past but I think the soil is pretty dead now (just guessing as not an expert) Is there any way of reviving it?
  2. Yeah covid/NHS app pinging people and having to isolate. Combined with lorry drivers changing jobs for higher wages (same industry) after years of being underpaid due to firms using cheap foreign labour. Of course remainers object to this, but they are a weird bunch.
  3. Threating to put pics of Craig 'CraaiggDaavvidd' David on here definitely warrants a lifetime ban, yeah.
  4. Crass and Steve Ignorant or 'SI sings the songs of Crass'?
  5. I know Bradford did a 'flexi pass' type thing too but obviously it either didn't work or just withered away. But I'm suggesting something more long term, like a half ST as a permanent option, rather than an occasional promotion. Unless they feel it would impact on full ST holders opting for that instead? I don't know. But what I do know is that the majority of the crowds in those Bulls glory years *didn't* have a ST but still attended, so getting bogged down in ST's may not be the answer at all.
  6. What about the market for people who work various shifts and cannot commit to a ST due to working when games are on? It must be a fair percentage these days. A part ST could be ideal for that. At least for a couple of seasons, me and a lad at work went half on a Bulls ST and when he was working I used it and vice versa. If it ever arose that we both were off, we used to split the cost of a ticket to get in. There must be loads of other variations on this but the days of everyone working Mon-Fri are long gone and I think they need to reflect this. This isn't particularly aimed at Huddersfield btw.
  7. Jimmy Greaves was my late brothers hero. He was at a book signing, when he was returning from the wilderness, and having his book and Spurs stuff signed by him when the photographer tried to take a pic of him with him for the local paper but my brother was very shy and wouldn't do it. He said JG was very nice about him being so shy.
  8. What's Going On? Marvin Gaye Promise Myself to treat myself
  9. Maybe it is but don't forget they are in the bottom division, not the top. Also the difference is a) it worked and b) if the prices went up, many fans would still stay as ST holders. Besides, Bradford City were not even used as an example of cheap tickets working or not, they were mentioned in the other thread as an example of fans from the same area as RL fans, attending games and not staying away due to covid fears.
  10. I've not got the answer to that. But being snooty about potential punters is hardly a luxury RL can afford at the moment.
  11. Bradford City do not have particularly cheap tickets .
  12. If only RL could attract a quarter of the ‘Wetherspoons Crowd’ it would be in a much better position. But I suppose we don’t want those dreadful people near RL, much better to hold out for the Guardian crowd.
  13. This just in…. Another interesting interview with Ralph.
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