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  1. Just had a shufty at some of their stuff on YT. Pretty good if undefinable imo. What I can’t quite get my head round is that they seem to have 4 (four!) bass players? Like, wtf?
  2. You can get a fairly decent Chinese smartphone for £50 or so. What did you get?
  3. I used to have the single that had You Suffer on one side and MegaArmageddonDeath by Electro Hippies on the other. Both at one second or so. It was a freebie with the Earache compilation Grindcrusher. But someone nicked it over the years.
  4. Still p iss funny Life of Brian. #notthemessiah RIP
  5. Brian Wilson had to pay royalties to Chuck Berry for Surfin USA. As for vastly underrated guys from that era, that surely has to go to Little Richard. The guy was completely outrageous. He’d be outrageous if he appeared today, in the 50’s it must have been off the scale.
  6. Now I’m even more confused. Like what?
  7. Ah right, I actually have always done that. But not because I suspected anything dodgy, just coincidental.
  8. Are you the guy responsible for doing those ‘Classic Driving Anthems’ albums we see?
  9. My lad, half jokingly I hope, says that your phone listens to you. He was demonstrating this by saying certain things and showing that adverts for that thing came up on his phone. They didn’t funnily enough but he claims they usually do. Is this a thing or just him off in conspiracy theory territory?
  10. My plan worked well, your evil plan is thwarted. Hurrah
  11. Oh. I see. What you mean. No, not like that, as in job application. Phew
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