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  1. Then you would be Unlucky Alf from the Fast Show.
  2. I heard him on a radio show glam special not long back.
  3. No dancing round like Wacko Jacko in that mask now.
  4. Quite different to being actually in someone’s house though. Anyway, it’s just an example of how some people won’t do as they’re asked so will need to be forced.
  5. So I can see in my street that someone has got a plasterer in doing some work. If only workmen had been advised to not go into people’s houses. Its because of arrogant ***** like these that it will continue to spread and inevitably result in a more severe lockdown. And if it’s the people who I think it is, they were out the other night clapping for the NHS.
  6. If not already, this will be many people’s houses soon.
  7. Someone sent me a link via FB messenger of David Ike and his conspiracy views. Needless to say, it’s all a put up job and the only people wise to it are people like him. I do hope they were sending me it as a joke and not cos they believe it.
  8. I don’t know if villains is the right word but I bet there will be a lot of resentment and people looking for new jobs after all this blows over. Many businesses are treating employees very well but others are just treating it as business as usual and dismissing worries about it. Like as if any concerns you might have about it are ridiculous and OTT. I actually can sympathise that business needs to continue best as possible in some scenarios (I’m talking non key work here) but there’s ways and means of addressing concerns
  9. Is there a relatively easy way to find out if you have it or it’s just a typical cold that you would have got anyway? I’m sure many people feel under the weather but is it CV or just the usual sniffles? Is there a rudimentary check? A quick google has left me none the wiser.
  10. https://archive.org/details/RogueMale01/Rogue+Male+01.mp3 You could listen to Rogue Male (read by Michael Jayston). Long but it’s a fantastic story
  11. No, this seemed to be people from different houses congregating together (behind the news reporter) Anyway, don’t wanna nit pick...
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