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  1. Allegedly he's the reason why the name Jason was so popular in Oz at that point in time.
  2. I don't think even Jeff Bezos' style wealth would be enough to get Bradford back on the straight and narrow
  3. I remember having a conversation with a friend in the early 00's. (We were both quite early on the internet and were by no means out of touch) I said there are ways of making an absolute fortune out of the internet in years to come by thinking of things that people can communicate faster with each other- if only you can think of them. A few years later and things like Twitter and FB appeared. This isn't a 'what if...' point as I'd have never invented those things...just we had the kernel of the idea.
  4. Great thread. My advice to myself would be: don't be so polite to people talking garbage. (Or at least what you think is garbage.) They don't mind forcing their views on you, so don't apologise for doing the same in return. I'm still working at rectifying this but I'm getting there.
  5. Some great passing and running in this. And I wouldn't tangle with that #15 for York! Big unit
  6. I used to like Netscape and IIRC it was pretty much the front runner around 1995-6?
  7. While I wasn’t remotely involved in any level like you, I remember a lecturer at Uni telling me the same sort of thing, this would have been around 1995. I thought he was doing an article for Tomorrow’s World, in the style of ‘by the year 2000 we’ll all be eating food pills and riding hover boards’. It seemed so absurd that I didn’t even take him seriously. And yet......
  8. I suspected it was but thanks for the confirmation. I've been to a few gigs in aid of her foundation.
  9. Sadly this is the reality. I saw it, it was very dramatic and a great finish to the game. But beyond a bunch of RL fans pretty much nobody would have a clue what you were on about if you asked them about it. That's not a crime, most people don't recall most sports events unless it's something like 'they think it's all over' or something. Nor does it mean Salford should be 'booted out' of anywhere. But let's not pretend it's a good example of a reason why clubs are doing ok.
  10. Oh yeah, there were some proper hard cases in the Bradford punk scene who made many a loudmouth regret starting on them.
  11. The rant thread is over there ——> Grandad!
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