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  1. Rugby League is not particularly welcoming as a game full stop. We saw that with the approach to Toronto. You generally wouldn't come across it or get into it by accident, so I don't know why a load of black people are suddenly going to start following it because we tell them they should.
  2. Well I think if it was as big a problem as you say it is *within RL* I'd have witnessed considerably more than I have. I used to go to football in the late 70's/early 80's at Bradford City. I saw quite a few racist incidents there and that was in a comparatively few games.
  3. Have any of the players from the 80's or before, ever given their side of the story WRT racism in the game back then? I'm thinking Des Drummond, Henderson Gill etc.
  4. What's bizzare about giving my experiences of attending RL games over the years and the amount of racism directed at black players or people in general? That's literally all I did. I've already said there will be, and will have been some racist people who follow RL, tell me when I said there wasn't? But I'm giving *my experiences* of attending RL games for over 20 years. I'm pretty sure that if it was as big an issue as you're suggesting, I'd have come across it more. This doesn't mean black players X, Y & Z couldn't tell me of their experiences being different, it just means that it's been my experience.
  5. What mindset? Has there ever been a mindset of not wanting black players in RL? I’m fairly sure that the game has always welcomed all comers.
  6. It’s the logical follow on from the current mentality of seeing racism in everything.
  7. I doubt anyone would argue that racism doesn’t exist, it would be a pretty bizarre argument for a start. The issue is how it relates to RL and is it a major problem? I say no and base that on having gone to hundreds of RL games, many not involving my own team, purely for the game. And I’ve not once heard anyone racially abused, ever. Fan, player or anything. I don’t know if I’m expected to make up instances of racism in order to be believed but that’s my experiences of following the game for a long time. Now of course, this doesn’t mean some people have never done racist things at games but I’m fairly sure, if it was such a big issue I’d have come across at least a few instances of it. I can only give my own experiences.
  8. Let's not forget, he was only what...46? Terribly sad.
  9. Well they did a lot of work in schools and youth clubs at the time, so I imagine they did go out and meet the people rather than just hand out tickets. (Which in itself is better than nothing)
  10. Tell a lie, there was some sort of scuffle once at headingley during a Leeds-Bradford game. But that was 2 Bradford fans having an argument over a woman or something.
  11. Bradford for one, certainly tried to encourage 'Asian' people to get along to games and I can remember bunches of young Asian kids at some games in the early Bulls days. But ultimately nothing came of it. You can't force people to show interest in things they don't want to - and that's the bottom line.
  12. It was Lounge Room Lizard but I think he was on even before that under a different name? Possibly RLDeutchsland or similar. Either way, a sad loss. The last time I chatted with him, he seemed fairly optimistic but knew ultimately he was living on borrowed time. A brave guy. RIP
  13. I must be lucky because I never have seen any bother at RL games. I know it has happened and RL is not whiter than white in this matter of game related violence but overall I think it’s a fairly small issue.
  14. In the 20-odd years that I attended RL games, I never once, ever...ever, heard a racist chant or black player given racist abuse. That’s a fact. Of course, I’m sure that now it will be the case that someone calling Sonny Nickle ‘a great useless lump’ (which I did hear) will retrospectively now be classed as racism in the current ‘reds under the bed’ witch-hunt mentality. I did know a very racist Leeds Rhinos fan many years back but not sure what happened to him, but he was the exception.
  15. Bradford has fallen further than most though, it was once a very rich prosperous city with more allegedly more millionaires than anywhere outside the stock exchange. Whereas now.....it isn’t.
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