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  1. Nope, I have often criticised the games decisions and games I find poor viewing. You can be critical and enjoy it.
  2. Not at all. But you're talking about one incident in isolation. What I'm talking about is the constant 'it's rubbish/not as good as it used to be/look after the local clubs/Aussies will murder us' etc etc. It's like a dripping tap and I believe, permeates every level of the game.
  3. This is my point though. People might have watched that game and never seen RL before. They might just have enjoyed it without reference to anything else. But if they wanted to dig further and investigate more about the game, they might find it was actually rubbish, despite what they thought. Not everyone has to fully understand the game to enjoy it and they don't need to know (or care) that it wasn't the best 26 players on the planet.
  4. I was aware of things like that but I was really asking whether the man in the street would be aware of that at the time. But it seems like he, at least, was.
  5. As I said, I think they need to rename the trophy. But to play devils advocate for a second.....What was the public perception of Hitler in 1939? Was the full extent of his manifesto known? Was he just a dictator that most people didn't like but didn't know the extent of his evil? Is there a chance he listed him as a 'great German' without knowing too much about him? Or will he have been well aware of what his aims were? Either way, it will be wise to remove his name from the trophy.
  6. What about the vast majority of people, who don't want to get caught up in the politics of the sport or endlessly compare today with the past but just enjoy the game? I enjoyed the England-France game yesterday. But to others it was apparently a sign that we were cabbaged and would never beat the Aussies. If you are a casual RL fan, you could easily be put off by this endless complaining and, yes, moaning.
  7. But would that be worth the flight?
  8. How does that make sense? It's the outsiders who probably felt not wanted. People who tried to start teams but either got no help or were told they didn't belong in RL.
  9. And I'd argue that it is because of this reliance on such a small pool of people, that was inevitable.
  10. The problem is that I bet you any money, many people were saying that 100/50 years ago and you can talk yourself into believing something that isn’t necessarily true. To wit: that RL is for a select bunch of northerners and nobody else will really ‘get it’. But there is absolutely no genetic reason why a kid in Borehamwood wouldn’t like RL as much as one from St Helens…..it’s just a question of exposure. I personally share your pessimism about the future as I think RL left expansion (done properly) too late. But we are where we are and the best thing is to ignore the negativity (as with anything in life) and take the bits you enjoy.
  11. We’ve had this debate on here before and I did argue that we shouldn’t judge people from the past by modern values, which is something I still hold with. However, having heard the gist of what his views were, the game would be well advised to consign this award (or at least the name of it) to the bin of history. And do it sooner rather than later.
  12. Anyone been? Good? Terrible? Overrated? Any advice or tales appreciated. TIA
  13. I've probably posted this a few times but whatever, cannot whack it. 70's Rule. I'll be honest, I'm a dinosaur raised on Pans People and Valerie Leon. I would have a Capri but the maintenance is too expensive. But if you aren't like me, unlucky.
  14. You're with Stevo there. I remember him saying almost every week 'you never let a Rugby League ball bounce'. If only Stevo had been in charge
  15. Who on earth is the troll/weirdo 'vichy' who comments on every RL thread on the BBC? He (or she) is superbad. I know he (or she) reads these pages and I think he/she is very rude about RL. Call me maybe?
  16. Of course it might. But we can't script games to turn out exactly as we hope they might do. I *think* it was during the 2009 Tri Nations when England were playing Australia at Wigan. Australia had the game sewn up pretty early on and it looked like being a formality. England fought back and from memory, Sam Burgess and Eorl Crabtree had particularly good games. Not sure what became of those guys but game turned out pretty good anyway.
  17. Well I've certainly given RR some stick but fair play to him, that's a decent effort.
  18. You win some, you lose some. It wasn't the best game ever in all honesty but it was exciting enough.
  19. I will repeat, I bet some random punter turning on by accident would have enjoyed the game. Perhaps not enough to become a RL fanatic, but enough to enjoy it.
  20. It all depends whether you enjoyed it or not. If you didn't, that's fine. Personally I enjoyed it without thinking it will go down in history as the best game ever. But that's ok, I don't see football apologising for the often boring games that serves up. As for Union? Jeez, the list would never end. I'm willing to bet that anyone not steeped in RL and wouldn't know a half back from a half crown, would have enjoyed it.
  21. Umpteen sports games start off with one side winning and apparently in cruise control - then lose, it's not that unusual.
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