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  1. That sounds good. But I think ideally we need 76+ league/cup/international games there.
  2. Interesting that John Bishop was presenting it.
  3. Would loved to have seen The Animals in their prime. Quality band.
  4. I'm not a doctor but think you need to get that checked out sooner rather than later. It sounds pretty serious, so get it sorted. Your fellow pinkos on here need your support
  5. I once had a tooth abscess for about 4 days. Couldn't sleep or anything, I would have gladly cut my head off by the end just to make it stop. Absolute agony.
  6. My lad supports Newcastle, well both of them do. But one of them went to SJP last night. I didn't realise they hadn't won a game all season! He thought they would hang on. Supposedly no side has not won by this stage and not get relegated.
  7. But only in the sense that you've heard of it. I watched it and quite enjoyed it but I bet if I said to someone in the queue at the supermarket 'what about that Squid Games then?' there's a big chance they haven't seen it or maybe like you, just heard about it. I'm not a giving a critique of TV standards btw, it's just the way of the world now, everything is splintered and there's no need to watch something on Thursday at 9 0'Clock, hence that 'community' vibe is diminished.
  8. Yep. Programmes can be popular today but still not hit most people. I mean I think Squid Games was apparently the most watched thing on Netflix so far but it doesn't translate into mainstream awareness like Triggers Broom or even the name Del Boy. The same applies to modern music too.
  9. I very much doubt that it will ever happen, TV/entertainment is too splintered now to have the same effect.
  10. ‘Outlaws’ was great I thought. Why the writing was clever was that you had characters like the lefty black woman and the white Daily Mail type guy,who weren’t defined purely by their political views. Both said things that you could acknowledge had a point and both could look the other way when it suits. They were human and you saw both sides to them, which is a rarity today. My only criticism is that I think the ending was a bit rushed? But overall really good.
  11. Fair comment. But I was actually referring to whatever it was that might be causing Leeds to miss so many home games. I’m still none the wiser
  12. Dave T was also beaten to the punch by Tommygilf the other day, in the thread about the Halifax video. Maybe he’s losing his touch? #justsaying
  13. I'm possibly very dim but I don't understand those packages on that link. Why does it say Sky or Virgin etc etc? Which is the one that will have RL on?
  14. The Championship is great and yes, very entertaining. But this is about showcasing the top level of the game. And that involves using the best players available, who usually are playing for SL clubs.
  15. Nobody is embarrassed about being northern. They maybe just don't want RL to stay in parts of the North (ie not actually the north) for evermore.
  16. Hang on, not long ago you were arguing that 'keeping it northern' was the future.
  17. This is obviously fantastic news and given that C4 have sort of shown an interest in RL before (ie they attended the first GF in 1998) but never followed it up, I just assumed it would never actually happen. So a huge well done to whoever got this over the line. Plus, you're missing the biggest game changing thing about it all. RL could very well end up on Gogglebox.
  18. Depending on the case, I'd also be careful how you get to and from the court. A mate of mine was on the jury at a murder case in Bradford quite some years back. Unbeknown to him it was drug gang related and he was followed home once and they attempted to intimidate him into giving a certain verdict. Unlikely to be the same scenario in your case but just a thought.
  19. I saw a film on Talking Pictures the other day called 'Two Way Stretch' featuring Peter Sellers and Bernard Cribbins and a host of well known faces. It was about some lags planning a breakout to do a job -and then break back in. It had most of the ingredients of Porridge (lairy prisoner, soft screw/b*stard screw, dizzy governor) They must have used this film as an inspiration for Porridge, they just must have. Sorry, nothing to do with jury service. Carry on.
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