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  1. True, I remember Jimmy Hill campaigning for 3 points for a win, he also was largely responsible for the end of the maximum wage in football. There again, I remember back passes to the goalie being allowed and shoulder charges on the goal line. But even if those changes never happened, or the Premier League, football would still have a big supporter base. Which allows it to ride out periods of rubbish play or rules that stifle enterprise. Rather like an established band who produce an album that is a bit rubbish (this happens). Most fans will stick with it and wait for the next one. A newer band doesn't have that luxury and chances are they will be written off.
  2. Yes. But as Dunbar has alluded to, RL, while not being massive is hardly unknown. It has had a fair bit of mainstream TV coverage over the years, with some cracking games. So why isn't it bigger?
  3. No but it's a question of numbers. People accept boring football games because it's so familiar. Most other sports don't have that luxury, RU does to a degree but most other sports rely on what exposure they do get being exciting enough to draw in casual punters.
  4. That was the original design for what turned out to be the AJ Bell. At the time it seemed an awesome move for Salford and the only way was up. Except.....
  5. The difference is that we could have (and have had several times) Football WC finals that are completely boring and tedious. Football fans will admit it was boring but they have the luxury of numbers and familiarity enough to not make it an issue. They accept that the next one might be great. If a bunch of casual viewers see a RL game and it's rubbish, there is less forgiveness and most will write the game and hence, the whole sport off as boring. It's not fair but that's the reality. So RL should strive to make itself as attractive as possible, even if it means not obsessing about minutiae of the rules.
  6. I don’t think he’s suggesting ignoring blatant forward passes. More stuff like the assumption that if a player drops a ball, it’s automatically a knock on or video refs endlessly searching for reasons to not allow the score. And the distance element is important. Does anyone really give a monkeys if it is 1 or 2 millimetre forward.? Technically yes, that’s forward but impractical if we want to see any sort of continuity in the game. I think his point is that it doesn’t lend itself to an exciting spectacle, even if it satisfies a handful of purists.
  7. Anyone used the term 'Super Greed' yet?
  8. I don't disagree with that, I'm just pointing out that many RL fans attitude is that if you don't like RL then it's you that has the problem and are in the wrong.
  9. I'd rather put my b'locks in a vice than listen to Ed Sheeran. Yet he's massively popular and has sold millions of records (or streams as the kids say today) in this country alone. I think sometimes you have to accept that it's you that is out of step. Focus on what RL can do well and not what some other sport is or isn't doing. I do agree with @unapologetic pedant though in that the too strict calls on potential infringements does the game no favours. I mean, can you think of anyone besides RL fans who point out that the try scored by Gareth Davies against the Barbarians was off a forward pass?
  10. All true but you can't ignore the fact that many people have been raised on RU and enjoy it. The full houses at internationals aren't achieved by a few people on a jolly (lthough there is obviously a fair amount) they are mostly genuine fans of RU. RL could do much better, although it isn't pushing against an open door like many sports. If several thousand RU fans went to a game or even watched it on TV and 'quite enjoyed' it, that could be a start. Shouting at them 'why do you watch that garbage?' is unlikely to achieve much!
  11. I absolutely agree. I personally find RU absolutely dire and wouldn't watch it if you paid me. To me, it's like being stuck at work and someone having Capital on the radio....a nightmare. However, many people really enjoy it, genuinely so. It's beyond me why but that's life. RL fans need to stop pretending that if only they saw RL they would become converted instantly.
  12. Thanks, I think this is the definite answer now. Incidentally, I used to go in a bar in the basement of that place (Vaults Bar) occasionally for gigs. Obviously now flattened.
  13. Flares? It looks like the towering inferno!
  14. He's not all that....he's only nicking ManofKents 'fish where the fish are' saying.
  15. To use the old Maxim, that's a Loaded question. Even if it isn't a question.
  16. Yeah the Rugger BaBas. I know it was an oyster bar in Bradford but I can't remember which one. I did think it was the Talbot Hotel, which I think was the HQ of Bradford FC....but now I aren't so sure.
  17. Does anyone have any info on the formation of the Barbarians? I know it was in Bradford but I can't remember the exact hotel. I know Tony Collins would know this. Yes I could Wiki it but it's still conflicting with what I thought I knew...
  18. Way back when men were men round here Circa 2000/02. Assorted pics of ladies people liked. On a Friday.
  19. I've had a few jobs in Halifax so have quite a few mates from there and I really like the place, so I'd be happy to see Halifax do well. But in particular, I worked there in 1987 when they won the CC. I had absolutely no interest in RL at that point but the amount of people into it was incredible and I remember the homecoming after winning the cup. If they could get a quarter of that many people back onside they'd be doing well
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