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  1. No, I was struck by the thought too.
  2. After the 2005 Grand Final, me and my mate got a tram back to Manc centre with David Waite...nice guy, we talked tactics!
  3. Good to see. I remember when we used to have stuff like this all the time.
  4. Can't knock Scruton, he is worthy of inclusion.
  5. Of course it is, don't be so naive.
  6. On his wages, he can afford his own!!
  7. Can't have done mate, several guys on here with huge chips tell us that the RFL are out to get them.
  8. Besides anything else, I thought he was off to Nottingham RU?
  9. So why did the RFL buy your ground and save your bacon? Dog In A Manger.
  10. Why, how did they feel in 2000 when we had astronimical debts?
  11. Bit of a naff video but this song is absolutley top notch, love it!
  12. Until recent seasons Bradford have had decent crowds so why include them in your doom mongering? Also I could be mistaken but it looked to me like Batley were very happy to win the NRC on Sunday...they didn't seem concerned about whether they were ticking boxes or not. They never won anything before did they? I unsure if you would have anything positive to say even if every club from the bottom to the top got crowds of 30K
  13. Yes, showing concern when your club is going down the pan is just like thinking someone has died. Anyway, haven't you got a 'hooray cas and batley won' thread to look after?
  14. You said it was double last weeks attendances and added some smileys.
  15. What's previous attendances got to do with it?
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