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  1. I know what you mean but the young lads are definitely a bright spot. I was at a loss as to why Addy was taken off?
  2. Briscoe did have a good game. Ricky Sherrife didn't. I don't like to single players out but Platt was dropped for a while....what's stopping RS being dropped? Incriminating photos?
  3. Bulls not good enough but still could have won the game. Was great to come back to 22 all, it certainly shut the fat obnoxious Hull fan up sat behind me. McNamara should go now and let us get a side together for next season.
  4. I'm off to this one. My little girl is part of the cheerleaders today so I suppose I'll have to cut back on the foul mouthed chanting today! Bulls win for me.
  5. Not disputing that bowes, you clearly know more than me about it. But how many set ups were there like say, Leeds Akkies? ie a 'fun' social sort of thing? (with apologies if that is a wrong description)
  6. Fair points MD. Personally I'm similar to you but I'll give it a bit longer and see what develops. Despite some people insisting everything was sweet in the past, RL is making good progress.
  7. Yeah sure you do mate, it's just that you have to have been watching RL since birth, in a designated 'proper RL area' in order to meet that approval. Should you have the misfortune to not qualify, you are somehow stealing 'your' game.
  8. Yeah true but it was a bit 'what have the Romans ever done for us'
  9. QUOTE (Jimmy B @ Jul 4 2010, 01:43 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The question was what has the professional game got to show for something like
  10. OK then, what exactly did it achieve in the previous 100 years? a few clubs here and there? A pathetic result for 100 years. RL has made more GENUINE advancement in the last 10 years, than the previous 100.
  11. Everyone? You mean, you and all those who meet your approval?
  12. Love this, even Marc Almond's version couldn't make it sound more camp or OTT. A top voice.
  13. Lords Of The New Church- Lords Of The New Church 80's band formed by Stiv Bators (Dead Boys) and Brian James (Damned). Loved this when it came out, (1984) ace stuff.
  14. I'm having this, for sure. Top notch - and that's a fact!!!
  15. Seems to have a touch of the Sam Burgess about him. Similar style IMO
  16. Yeah, plenty of links with old US hardcore there as well. Speaking of Kreator, I was out with Paradise Lost last night (well half of them...old mates don't you know...) and they were telling me that Mille Petrosa stood in on gutiar for them recently when their gutiarist had to fly home due to his fathers death. Said it was weird having a former hero playing with them.
  17. US Hardcore band who did a good line in surf instrumentals. This is a beaut.
  18. If you don't like this one, check your pulse because you are probably dead.
  19. Ace LP!! In fact listening to it now...immense riffage!! 'Hope for the future, is only utopia'
  20. It may seem irrelevant but can I ask where people think things such as 'moshing' and 'stage diving' came from?
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