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  1. Status Quo - Mystery Song Great Stuff. Coggy going for it as usual.
  2. Looking Glass -Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) I don't understand why this wasn't No1...it's a superb record. I always assumed it was a big hit but I don't think it even charted in the UK.
  3. RUTS- BABYLONS BURNING Impossible to not grab a broom/pool cue and play along to this one. (leaping off couch optional)
  4. Not exactly one of my favourites but it bring back such memories of summer 86.
  5. I could be wrong but isn't it a guy from a band called 'Fudge Tunnel'?
  6. Adicts -Viva La Revolution I thought I was on this 'video' but I think it is from the 100 Club (not the Palm Cove).
  7. Pretty ###### quality. (to put it mildly) but surely Charlie Harper deserves a medal or something? He must have been about 39/40 when this came out (1980) so he must be 65+...and still going!!
  8. What happened to the other thread? and btw Exploited - Daily News
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