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  1. I don't have anything against football as such, I casually follow it occasionally and love stuff like the Euros or World Cup. But I always hope Wigan Athletic, Hull City and a few others do rubbish. This is because their fans have actively rubbished RL (in the case of Wigan, bitter and twisted) and whilst it might be childish, I have disliked them ever since. NB I know there are randomers who are fans of both.
  2. The Unexplained mag was definitely British. It was all about UFOs and spontaneous combustion, psychic phenomena etc etc
  3. I messed around with that once but it was definitely a case of people arsing around and moving the glass!
  4. I remember that but had totally forgotten about it. Wonder if it is still going?
  5. I remember a magazine called The Unexplained, which I used to get free as a bit of a perk from my paper round. (not stealing it!) This was around 1980/81 and I used to have quite a few of them. I recently saw someone I know buying them on FB. He wouldn't say exactly what he paid for them but I wish I'd kept hold of them now.
  6. Does anyone else do that thing where you fall asleep and in your dream maybe step off a kerb or miss a stair and wake up with a jolt? Just me then.....
  7. Ah ... that was the time a ginger bloke was spotted round Moorgate hospital dressed up in nurses uniform. Witnesses say it was truly terrifying.
  8. What is the connection between sleep paralysis and thinking you have experienced an abduction?
  9. I thought it was more to do with her not wanting to go to his flat and groove on the mat, that really caused the rift.
  10. This is an area which will rely on people believing what is said or not. By which I mean, some people will dismiss such tales, others will passionately believe them.
  11. Someone once told me a very elaborate story about how Alvin Stardust got his break in the music business. It was very complicated. The guy knew him too.
  12. She married Alvin Stardust, I remember that much. She tended to play 'jolly hockey sticks' type characters IIRC
  13. Go on then, tell more....it's all filed under 'Unexplained'
  14. Who can tell? Very strange people those alien types
  15. Obviously my first thought was what he was on when he saw many of his sightings. He said once there was some weird lights floating around but they were explained away by it being from Salfords Ground.
  16. Just watched a bit of a 'mysteries' type programme about UFO"s, with Shaun Ryder of all people. But it got me thinking, has anyone on here been abducted by aliens or anything exciting? Or think they have seen one? Edit: other random unexplained stuff welcome.
  17. Thanks for that but beyond general moans and groans, I don't currently have any MH problems as such. Appreciate the reply though.
  18. No. I can say exactly what is on my mind and always have done. I have no problem standing out from the crowd or whatever. I've tried actual therapists and found it to be not for me. That's just how it is. I appreciate it might help others though.
  19. Strangely, talking doesn't help me and I don't find it helps. But that's just me.
  20. Having grown up in a house with no central heating whatsoever and frost on the *inside* of the windows (as did 95% of our estate) the best advice I'd give to reduce fuel usage is put another coat on the bed. (It's a duvet as well you know!)
  21. I definitely aren't saying Graham wasn't a fantastic player and I agree about your offload comment, he was great at getting impossible passes away. But I think Burgess had more of the 'X Factor' in his overall game. I remember seeing him kick a touchline conversion at Odsal when he had only just broken into the first team. It's hard to say what it is but you sometimes see players and you know they are just a cut above. But of course, these things are subject to things like hating St Helens
  22. Of the people I've known who have committed suicide, the ages range from 18 to mid 50's. It's never 'ok' but if someone is in their 50's, you can at least see some sort of logic to the 'can't take anymore' aspect. Not that it makes it less devastating for those affected of course. But someone who is 18? How low must they feel to not want to go on? So I think the answer is extremely complicated and one of brain chemicals. Many people can be saved from ending it all and we should all try to help if we can. But I think many are simply unavoidable as the person concerned has 100% made their mind up and genuinely cannot take anymore. Not by way of a cry for help or anything but because they are going to do it as they can't go on. All I would say to anyone reading this and feeling like ending it all, is that it will get better. Yes, today might be carp - and tomorrow might be garbage too. And even next week! But it WILL pass. Trust me, I'm a doctor. (Ok that bit is cobblers)
  23. My brother has worked in the building trade pretty much all his life and if I had a period of unemployment/skintness I used to work on sites with him occasionally. I didn't like new builds aesthetically anyway but the 'throw em up and don't forget to scrimp on the materials' was a real eye opener.
  24. Burgess was much better than Graham. Which is not to suggest he’s not a great player too but Sam Burgess was always a special talent. It was obvious from his early days at Bradford.
  25. It was his mother IIIRC. I seem to recall the story being that after that Mason punch, he was away with the fairies in the dressing room and seemed to be under the impression his mum was still alive.
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