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  1. Thanks but I didn't really know very well them if I'm honest. It just seemed to be more and more.
  2. Just heard about another suicide. Nobody I really knew, more a friend of a friend. But this makes 3 I've heard of since October (1 I knew, 2 as described above) Sinead O'Connors son apparently killed himself too age 17. WTF is going on? Or has it always been like this and mostly unreported?
  3. I wouldn't have a new build house given. Actually of course I would as I'd sell it. But I wouldn't buy one for sure.
  4. Just looking that division and it’s strange to see so many clubs that I still regard as ‘famous’ clubs no longer in the top 4 divisions.
  5. There is a current part of Coronation Street where two girls have knocked down an old man, who subsequently died (not their intention) This storyline is a total and exact copy of the Scottish TV series 'Guilt'. I can't believe they are so blatant about it.
  6. What you need....is an Alternative Ulster.
  7. Yes. We will still be arguing on here. Personally, I have a promotion coming up and if nothing goes pear shaped, I will be mortgage free by this time next year. Personal wise I have a trip to Ireland to put my mother's ashes in her family grave plot, (delayed by Covid) which should be a good pee up too. All in all, bring it on I say.
  8. The Test Card is quite magnificent. It justifies the licence fee on its own. (Not The 9 O'clock News)
  9. Blimey, sorry I asked now. A right bunch of Roy Croppers on here. Me? I hope to be snorting coke off Nigellas bristols later, then doing a few lines with Lemmy and Ozzy. And a bottle of JD obvs. #rocknroll #phew
  10. Until about 3 years ago I worked pretty much as normal over Xmas, often still working until 6-7pm on Christmas Eve or NYE but never actually Christmas Day. I don't now so really enjoy the time off... even if I did end up going in the other day anyway.
  11. I had a bad reaction to it too, as did my OH. But is it really that bad that you have to resort to Jools Holland?
  12. I must invite you and Morrissey round tonight. #laughaminute
  13. Do you bother much? Early night.or up till all hours?
  14. Now that actually *was* a documentary. But obviously smoothed out for cinema/TV. Anyone who knows that estate in Bradford, knows it's not remotely far fetched.
  15. To be fair, he didn't start bringing political views into it.
  16. Are there actually any small RL towns that are Tory areas? And several clubs already play in multicultural areas. Not sure why you think this is either new or will result in an increase in attendances.
  17. As I mentioned elsewhere, there is a RL related storyline in Coronation Street at the moment. Get a few mentions of the RLWC thrown in and world domination will surely follow.
  18. It's a guy who is knocking off that Jenny. He even got a dig in about Union too.
  19. New Coronation Street story line involves a Rugby League player copping off with the landlady of the Rovers. Fame at last.
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