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  1. I'm working OT tomorrow and regretting it already, even if it is double time. I just can't be arsed and am already well out of work mode.
  2. The Mezzotint, written by M.R. James and which I think was adapted by Mark 'Fireman' Gattis was bloody good.
  3. I did indeed. But anything 'musical theatre' has certain implications I feel. (Iight hearted comment) The women in that era though, are total class. And far more sexy than the girls today whipping their t!TS out at the drop of a hat.
  4. Yesterday I watched most of Singing In The Rain and quite enjoyed it. I'm now watching My Fair Lady (until I go out anyway). I am worried I might be turning into a homosexualist.
  5. Sad news. Wouldn't disagree with that. I used to listen to her show a lot with my girlfriend at the time, 8-10 before John Peel IIRC. A couple more tracks I always associate with her show were Bronski Beat 'Smalltown Boy' which obviously became a big hit but she played it well before that. Another is more obscure but is Red Guitars 'Good Technology' who I *think* were from Hull.
  6. Same here, an absolute quality day. It will be my eldest lads last one before he becomes a dad himself, so it's been a sort of landmark. Drinking with kids and arguing about snowflakes etc (but all in good fun) Pub this afternoon and see what develops there.
  7. Gin and tonic really does relieve the bloated feeling.
  8. I can understand that. But as it's practically the same price as regular beer, I'll just stick to soft drinks. There is even 0.0% Guinness..... heresy.
  9. Congratulations on the not drinking. But I never see the point in non alcoholic beer. I just don't drink or have tea or something.
  10. Mais oui. Voulez vous avec un cuppa? (One for the PG Tips aficionados)
  11. Good to see some French spoken on here for a change.
  12. I once stopped drinking. Worst 8 hours of my life.
  13. Think I prefer the 'getting up at your leisure' rather than the 4.30am version. But I do miss it all the same.
  14. Christmas is ok for those outside the heartlands. We should focus on developing our own festival, focussing mainly on moaning old farts.
  15. So why talk as if it's incidental? Paying off a mortgage requires a lot of hard work.
  16. It's not so much that I think. I think it's more the complaining tone of the original poster. I too got sweet FA during a period of unemployment and still had to pay all my bills. All he was saying (IMO) was he could be a bit less ungrateful.
  17. Do you think his mortgage magically disappeared?
  18. I had a similar scenario with my brother. Except he was drinking way too much whilst unhappily married. (I know, me saying someone drinks to much... "pot, meet kettle" ) But once out of it, he's ended up better. So you never know.
  19. Let's hope it contains less porn clips than most of the WhatsApp groups I am involved with.
  20. You get £825 whatever you call it. That's how. A minimum wage job gives you approximately £1200 per month. Not that great a difference and you have to pay pretty much everything.
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